Patricia's made plans.Stephen doesn't mind.John says he'll help.Paul has a go.
At Dural, Barbara remarks that it's very nice of Wayne to shoot off to Woombai and leave his father
with all the work. Gordon tells her that they can't do any work until Stephen joins them.
Meanwhile, at the apartment, Stephen tells Patricia that he wants to fly down to Melbourne as soon
as possible. But Patricia has already invited John over to dinner. She decides to invite Angela as
well, which means inviting Paul Sheppard. She phones John and lets him know that she will be
making Paul feel as unwelcome as possible.

That's exactly what Patricia and John do. But Paul isn't a fool - he knows what is going on. Patricia tells
John that he can stay at the apartment while her and Stephen are away. At the end of the meal, Paul
tells Patricia it's about time she accepted it - he and Angie are a couple.

How about those shirts?John meets Amanda.Who's on the phone?She's not happy.
The following morning, Stephen asks Patricia how long John will be staying - his daughter Amanda is due in
a few days.

At the apartment, John awakes to find a young woman walking around in her underwear. He tells her that
his mother lives there and her name is Patricia Morrell. The girl is Stephen's daughter Amanda, and she
isn't very happy that her father has married again. She then proceeds to describe Patricia exactly, and tells
John that her father always goes for the same type.

John is angry.Patricia loves the house.Keep your mouth shut!An unhappy daughter.
Patricia and Stephen arrive at the house in Toorak, and she is delighted with the way it has been decorated.
The phone rings and it is Amanda. She isn't very happy and lets her father know about it. Stephen tells her to
get down there now and to keep her mouth shut. He tells Patricia that it was just a business call, but Stephen
looks worried....

ROWENA WALLACE (as Patricia Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer),
MARK FERGUSON (Paul Sheppard), ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell)

Written by DON BATTYE
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 11th May 2002

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