Where's that daughter of mine?John isn't tempted.John IS tempted!A good time had by all.
Stephen is furious and tries ringing the apartment, but there is no answer. He then tries Dural. Angela answers
and tells him that Amanda and John have left, and they were talking about driving down to Melbourne.
Patricia doesn't seem too upset, saying it was only a little joke.
John and Amanda arrive back at the apartment. John wants to go to bed, but Amanda is interested in
something more physical. John tells her she's not backward in coming forward, and goes to bed.
Back at Toorak, Stephen is still angry with Amanda's little stunt. After he goes to the study to do some work,
Patricia tells Charlie that if Amanda wants trouble, she'll get it.
John gets up to get some warm milk. Amanda kisses him and he tells her he's changed his mind!
The next morning, he is feeling guilty and tells Amanda that there is someone else. Amanda doesn't mind, and
tells him they should both just think of it as a good time. They leave for Melbourne in the car, and Amanda
persuades John to speed up a bit.
Beryl has had enough.David's in the doghouse.Angela's on her way.Confrontation!
At the Palmer house, Beryl is having a go at Tony. When he walks out, she tells David she doesn't mind
playing mum, but with her OWN kids. Angela phones, and tells Beryl that she's coming down to Melbourne
for more counselling with Rob, and she won't be bringing Paul with her. Angela tells David about Patricia, and
David decides to go and have it out with her about the murder charge.
I'll see you later.Phillipe SouchonPat the rat is surprised.Cards on the table time.
David arrives at Toorak and barges his way in. He tells Stephen that the first chance Patricia will get to stab him
in the back, she'll take it. He also tells Stephen that Patricia had the evidence to get him off the hook, but
destroyed it. Stephen tells David to leave. After he does, Stephen tells Patricia he has some business to attend
to and they'll discuss the matter later. He leaves. Patricia tells Charlie she hopes Stephen doesn't believe
what David said.
David goes to The Terrace to tell Beryl what happened. Tony tells Phillipe, who is helping out in the kitchen, that
David is a great bloke, but Patricia is bad news.
Stephen arrives home for lunch. He tells Patricia that he believed what David was saying, and he could tell
Patricia was lying. He tells her he has been doing some thinking - it's about time she really knew the truth about
the man she was married to.....

MICHAEL LONG (as Stephen Morrell), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer), ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan),
ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), STEVE DU-CASSE (Phillipe Souchon)

Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 18th May 2002

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