Well, it's like this..Oh shit.Hello - who's this hanging around?Amanda gets the first insult in.
Stephen explains that what really makes him and Barbara tick is their mother. He says that ten years
ago, their father died, and there was a huge family row. He and Barbara didn't speak to their mother
for about six years. Eventually he made things up with her, and now does business dealings for her.
He also explains that his mother has been overseas, but she is coming back to Australia in a few
months, and might not approve of their marriage. He knows that Patricia is strong enough to stand up to her.
John and Amanda arrive at Toorak, and nearly run over Tony Parker, who is walking past the gate.
Amanda gets a little insult in as soon as she meets Patricia, and goes inside to see her father.

She's not happy.She's sulking.He's not happy either.They're not happy.
Amanda has a go at Stephen for not even keeping in touch with her mother. She asks him if he's told
Patricia about his money yet and he says no. Stephen remarks that he will tell Patricia the full story
when he sees fit, and if she tries to beat him to the punch, she'll be a very sorry girl.
Patricia and John are talking in another room. John tells Patricia that Amanda is okay, but
didn't stop talking about her mother during the trip up. He says he is going to see the Palmers, and
Charlie and Patricia tell him about the row earlier. John says he needs to see David anyway and leaves.
Patricia is worried that John will believe David's side of the story.
John arrives at the Palmer house and recognises Tony. He asks him if he was in Toorak earlier. Tony
says that he wasn't.
John apologises to David for not believing him about Martin Healy's murder, but David doesn't want
to know, and the two end up arguing again. John storms off and Beryl is furious, accusing her
husband of driving both his sons away.

The job's on.That was a stroke of luck, darling.Sorry I can't come out.Rumbled!
Tony gets on the phone to one of his friends, telling him that he's checked the place over and worked
out a way to get inside. He tells his friend there will be no one in and they should do the job tonight.
John arrives back at Toorak and tells Patricia that David didn't want to listen to him. He says that
he is tired of all the arguing and might move up north and live on a beach somewhere. He goes for
a lie down. Charlie tells Patricia she was worried for nothing - he won't be seeing David again in a hurry.
Later, Patricia asks Amanda if she will come out to dinner with them, but Amanda isn't interested.
Patricia tells her she should at least make an effort, as she is now a part of Stephen's life.
Amanda remarks that there is so much she doesn't know about Stephen, it's a joke.
In the hallway, Amanda tells her father she'd like to join them, but she's too tired. They
leave, and Amanda turns out the light and goes upstairs.
As the Morrell car leaves, Tony comes out from behind a bush. He tells his friends that
he'll get inside the house and then signal for them to back the truck up to the house.
He smashes a window and opens it, climbing inside. He then opens the front door and signals
with his torch. When he goes into the living room, the light comes on and Amanda is there
with a crowbar. She shouts 'Don't move'.....

MICHAEL LONG (as Stephen Morrell), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), GRANT PIRO (Tony Parker),
SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer),
LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer)

Written by JOHN ALSOP
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 18th May 2002

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