Clear out!Patricia is worried.Amanda is dazed.John has a theory.
Stephen, Patricia, John and Charlie arrive back at the house to find it stripped. Stephen rushes
upstairs to find Amanda, and is relieved to find her asleep. Charlie phones the police, and Amanda
tells her father she wishes she hadn't taken the sleeping pills - she could have frightened the robbers off.
The next morning, John and Stephen bring some spare chairs down to the living room. Stephen tells
Patricia that he'll hire out some furniture in the meantime.

Rob suggests a babysitter - bad move!Amanda is stirring again.Tony is worried.Angela tries counselling.
John tells Amanda that he knows who might have robbed the place - the kid they saw at the gates when
they arrived. He knows that the boy is an ex-con and is staying with the Palmers. Amanda tells him that's
silly and manages to talk him out of going to the police, but when John leaves, she looks worried.
At The Terrace, Phillipe and Lynn want to go out, but little Davey isn't well. Rob suggests asking Tony
to baby-sit - it'd do him good to know that they trusted him, and Kevin wouldn't have to know.
Back at Toorak, Amanda remarks to Stephen that it wouldn't be good if her grandmother found out
about the robbery - Patricia might find out the truth about him.
At The Terrace, Lynn and Phillipe are about to leave. Lynn gives Tony instructions how to look after
Davey, and tells him that she has left the bedroom window open so he can get some air. After they leave,
Tony gets a call from Amanda. She tells him she has to talk to him, as someone might be on to him.
Tony tells her to come round to The Terrace.
Meanwhile, Rob meets Angela for their latest counselling session.
Amanda arrives at The Terrace. It is pouring with rain outside. She tells Tony that John remembers
him from the Palmer house. She warns him that unless he keeps her name out of it, she'll tell the police
that he was involved and threatened her. Amanda then hears a baby crying. Tony rushes upstairs and
brings Davey down. He was close to the window and has been soaked by the rain.

Rob and Angela. Kevin comforts Lynn.Kevin blames David.
At the counselling session, Angela explains she was going to tell Paul it was over when she found out
she was pregnant. Rob admits he told Angela he never wanted to see her again after the miscarriage
because he was so upset. The counsellor tells Angela she will have to wait five years before she can
apply for adoption with Paul.
At The Terrace, Davey is poorly, and Beryl decides to phone for a doctor. When he arrives and examines
the baby, he tells Beryl Davey has pneumonia and he has called for an ambulance. He explains that the
baby has been soaked - someone had left the window open. Beryl has a go at Tony and they make their
way to the hospital.
At the hospital, Lynn is distraught. Kevin arrives. Tony wants to talk to him, but Kevin is angry. He
comforts Lynn, who is blaming herself. Kevin says there is only one person who should be blamed.
At Toorak, Patricia is annoyed that the rented furniture hasn't arrived yet. She tells Stephen that
it reminds her of what the place looked like before he came along. Stephen tells her she is safe with him.
David arrives at the hospital. Tony tells him it was his fault, and he shouldn't go sticking up for him.
Kevin is furious, and tells his father that if anything happens to Davey, they will never forgive him.....

SARAH KEMP (as Charlie Bartlett), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer), NOEL HODDA (Rob Keegan),
STEVE DU-CASSE (Phillipe Souchon), ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer), GRANT PIRO (Tony Parker),
ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer)

Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 19th May 2002

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