David decides not to go.Kevin and Lynn get bad news.Lynn is distraught.
David arrives home from work tired. Beryl tells him that she has heard from the hospital that Davey has
taken a turn for the worse - apparently he has been having trouble breathing. She tells David that they
should make their way there now. David tells her that Kevin wouldn't want him there. If anything
happens, they'll phone.
Angela is now at the hospital with Kevin and Lynn. A doctor tells them that Davey is now out of danger
and they are delighted. Their joy is short-lived. The doctor also tells them that Davey stopped breathing
for a while and there could be damage to his brain, causing problems in later life.

Fiona warns John.JohnJohn has a change of heart.Patricia is surprised.
At Toorak, Patricia takes a call from Fiona at Woombai. She wants to speak to John. Fiona tells John
that Jill is getting involved with Wayne again. John makes out he doesn't care, but Fiona tells him that
Jill still loves him. John tells her that he'll be there that afternoon.
On his way to Woombai, John thinks about all the arguments he had with Jill. He turns the car
around and drives back to Melbourne. When he reaches Toorak, he tells Patricia that if he went
to see Jill, they'd still have the same arguments they had before. He can't share her with Brian.
Patricia remarks that it means he has left her to Wayne.

David's disappointed.Lynn voices her fears.Beryl and David turn up.Kevin doesn't want to know.
At the Palmer house, David tells Beryl he's disappointed that Lynn or Kevin didn't phone them to
tell them Davey was better. Beryl tells him they'd better get going.
At the Terrace, Kevin is just about to go to work. He tells Lynn that she looks exhausted and should
go back to bed. Lynn asks what will happen if Davey doesn't grow up normal. Kevin reassures her that
whatever troubles he might have, they'll get him the best treatment they can. David and Beryl arrive,
and Kevin has a go at his dad again. He tells David that thanks to him and his precious Tony, Davey
might grow up handicapped. He tells his father he never wants to see him again, and leaves.

LEILA HAYES (as Beryl Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer), ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer),
STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer), ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan), PAT McDONALD (Fiona Thompson),
PETER PHELPS (John Palmer), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell)

Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 25th May 2002

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