John wonders why he bothers.David needs a break.Tony's up for it.
At Toorak, Amanda is sitting bored in her part of the house. John comes in and asks her if she'd
like some company. She acts very stand-offish, and John tells her she isn't the only one with problems.
He offers to take her on a tour around the city, and tells her she should try getting on with Patricia.
Amanda grabs her coat and says 'Are we going, or aren't we?' John looks to the heavens.
They visit various parts of the city, and later John tells her if she really loves her father, she should
give him a go. Amanda tells him she wants to go home and apologise.
At the Palmer house, David is worried that Davey will grow up handicapped, and tells Beryl he is fed
up with copping the flak all the time. He tells her that, as he has a Queensland run tomorrow, he'd
like to stay up there for a while with his dad and Rosie until things calm down. He goes to ask Tony
if he'd like to come and Tony is thrilled.

Oh dear.Tony gets the bad news.What are we gonna do?
Amanda and John arrive back at Toorak. Amanda tells her father she'd like a word with him in the
study. Stephen tells Amanda they have had some good news - the police have a lead on the burglars.
Amanda looks shocked and says she has to go and get changed before she talks to her dad.
At the Palmer house, David and Tony are getting ready for the Queensland trip. Beryl tells Tony
to look after David for her. Then Amanda calls and tells Tony to get over to Toorak now - they
have problems. She tells him to use the side door and to make sure no one sees him.
When Tony arrives, Amanda tells him they'll have to bring the furniture back. Tony tells her
she is crazy. Amanda tells him that his friends will dob him in, but Tony tells her they won't.
He tells her that he's going up to Queensland tomorrow and he'll be well out of it. Amanda
is worried about what will happen to her.

The old bill.Stephen knows.That girl of mine!Regrets
Stephen calls Amanda into the living room. The CID are there. Stephen tells her that they
caught the men responsible, and they claimed that she co-operated with them. Amanda tells
the policemen that she was threatened by the burglars, and told that if she called the police
they'd come back and get her. The policemen accept her story and leave. Stephen isn't convinced.
He tells Amanda that she helped with the robbery so he would be forced to tell Patricia about his
financial situation, but it didn't work. He tells his daughter that he is cutting off her credit cards
and that she is going to have to do something for her self - including getting a job. He tells her
that when he and Patricia return from launching his company in Sydney, he wants reports of
applications and interviews. He tells her to thank her lucky stars that is all that's happening
to her. When she returns to her part of the house, she tells Tony that the police have his friends
but he is in the clear. Amanda asks herself why she always leaves things too late.

ALYCE PLATT (as Amanda Morrell), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer),
GRANT PIRO (Tony Parker), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell)

Directed by RUSSELL WEBB
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 26th May 2002

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