Beryl is fed up.John and Angie hear some home truths.Paul has good news.Angela isn't happy.
In the kitchen at The Terrace, Beryl lays into John and Angela about the way they have been treating
David. She tells Angela that the only time she comes to see David is when SHE has a problem.
She tells Angela that Patricia had a letter from Martin proving that he committed suicide, but instead
of taking it to the police, she destroyed it. Beryl tells John that if Martin had taken time to write to his
kids, he would have also written to the woman he was going to marry. She tells John that if his family
meant anything to him, he would have checked it out. She warns them that if they don't stop treating
David the way they are, she'll disown them. She tells them to get out.
They travel back to Toorak, where Angela is delighted to find Paul waiting for her. He tells her he has
found a way to speed up adopting a child. He tells her that they find an unmarried mother who doesn't
want her baby, and she puts his name on the birth certificate as the father. Angela doesn't like the idea.
Later, Paul tells Angela he doesn't want her going to any more counselling sessions with Rob - every
time she comes back she is in a mood. Angela tells him that Beryl said some terrible things about
Patricia. Paul tells her that there is a lot she doesn't know. Angela demands to be told.

Amanda's sulking again.John doesn't want to believe.Amanda tries to gain info.
John goes to see Amanda in her room. She is bored again, and makes sure that he knows it.
Angela comes in and tells John she knows how they can prove whether Patricia is telling the truth
or not. Amanda looks puzzled.
Paul tells John that Patricia was furious when she found out that her sister Margaret had an affair
with Martin Healy years ago, and decided to get back at them both. She wanted to get Margaret so
used to having money, then kick her out. And she was going to jilt Martin on their wedding day.
Margaret found out and told Martin. When he committed suicide, Margaret tried to make it look like
Patricia had murdered him. He says that Patricia used Martin's letter to put the screws on Margaret.
Paul tells John to go and see Margaret - if her story tallies with his, then this proves there was a letter
and Patricia destroyed it. John and Angela leave to see Margaret in prison. Amanda has been snooping
around and eavesdropping on their conversation. Later, she invites Paul into her room for a drink, and
tries to get him to tell her what is going on. But John and Angela arrive back and Paul leaves.

Paul's story checks out.Amanda is shocked.John is incensed.
They tell Paul that everything he said checked out. John storms into the living room, obviously upset.
Angela tells Paul that the news has hit him pretty hard. Amanda goes in to see John. He tells her that
Patricia drove Martin to suicide, and kept his farewell letter to keep David in jail. He tells Amanda
that the way he feels now, he could kill the bitch....

LEILA HAYES (as Beryl Palmer), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer), ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan),
MARK FERGUSON (Paul Sheppard), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell)

Directed by RUSSELL WEBB
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 1st June 2002

294 296