Phillipe can't escape Charlie.Angry twinsPatricia's on the rack.John on the attack.
At The Terrace, Charlie tells Rob to go upstairs and have a rest, while her and Phillipe finish tidying up.
After taking a desperate look from Phillipe, Rob tells her that she should go and talk to Angela, while he
and Phillipe finish there. When Charlie arrives back at Toorak, Amanda tells her that John and Angela
left for Sydney a few hours ago. When Charlie mentions Phillipe, Amanda offers to go to The Terrace
with her tomorrow.
John and Angela turn up at the apartment. They tell Patricia they have proof that she burned Martin's
letter. John tells her that both Paul and Margaret's stories tally, and tells her to admit she burnt the
letter. Patricia has no answer. As the twins leave, John tells Patricia that as far as they are concerned,
she doesn't exist any more. Patricia starts crying, as Stephen tries to comfort her.

Pat hits the bottle.Charlie introduces Amanda.Kevin and Lynn are curious.Patricia is ticked off.
Later, Stephen tells his wife that she can fly back to Melbourne if she wants. Patricia tells him that she
will be fine to host the launch party later. After Stephen leaves for work, Patricia claps her eyes on a
bottle of brandy. Later, after drinking quite a bit of it, she collapses on the sofa.
At The Terrace, Charlie introduces Kevin and Lynn to Amanda. Amanda tells the pair that John has told
her how much they hate Patricia, and if she's going to make friends, they might as well be people she
has something in common with.
Back at the apartment, Stephen is angry to find Patricia drunk. Patricia insists that she'll be all right,
but Stephen tells her that it is an important occasion. When the doorbell goes, her tells her to go to the

Phillipe greets Amanda.Amanda dishes out the insults.Charlie is shocked.Pat is pissed.Patricia breaks down.
Back at The Terrace, Amanda tells Kevin and Lynn about the problems between Patricia and her children.
Kevin remarks that it couldn't have happened to a nicer lady. Charlie introduces Phillipe to Amanda, and
she is instantly attracted to him and starts playing up. Charlie doesn't look too happy.
At the apartment, Barbara has turned up and is welcoming the guests into the launch party. She tells a
couple that Patricia isn't feeling too well. Gordon and Wayne are there. Gordon tells his son that the
twins were still pretty upset when he left Dural. Stephen thanks Barbara for helping out, and suddenly
Patricia appears, slurring her words and saying that she hasn't been well. Stephen tells her to sit down.
Charlie and Amanda arrive back at Toorak. Charlie is angry and tells Amanda to leave Phillipe alone -
he is far too sophisticated for her. Amanda tells Charlie that her problem is she doesn't know how to
grow old with dignity.
At the apartment, Patricia is getting very boisterous. Stephen tells her she is being an embarrassment
and tells her to go and lie down. Then Patricia breaks down and says, "They hate me. My children hate
me." Then she starts weeping.....

SARAH KEMP (as Charlie Bartlett), STEVE DU-CASSE (Phillipe Souchon), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer),
ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer), ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell)

Written by BEVAN LEE
Directed by RUSSELL WEBB

Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 2nd June 2002

295 297