The twins hear the news about Patricia.I don't need sympathy!Barbara feels sorry for her.Wayne asks a favour.
Later at Dural, Wayne tells John and Angela about the whole episode at the apartment. The twins
decide that nothing has changed - they still feel the same about Patricia.
Only Stephen, Barbara and Gordon are left at the apartment. Gordon remarks that he's never seen
a room empty so quickly. The men go off to the study and Patricia emerges from the bedroom.
Barbara tells her that she felt sorry for her, but Patricia tells her to keep her fake sympathy and
make the most of what has happened - she won't get another chance to be so smug. A while later,
Stephen gives Patricia a new necklace and tells her not to worry about what happened.
Later on, Wayne calls at the apartment and asks Stephen if he and Jill can stay there for a few
weeks when Stephen moves back to Melbourne. Stephen tells him it wouldn't be a problem, and he's
sure that Patricia wouldn't mind - she likes Jill.
The next morning, Stephen leaves for work, telling Patricia he'll take her somewhere nice when he
gets home. As soon as he leaves, Patricia grabs her coat and leaves as well.

Patricia puts her case.John isn't impressed.Patricia gets nasty.Angela is stunned.
Patricia arrives at Dural and Angela is not pleased to see her. She tells Angela that she isn't leaving
until she has spoken to her and John. Inside, she tells the pair she wasn't in a very good state of
mind when she burnt the letter, and she was relieved when other evidence came up to clear David.
John tells her that they aren't interested and Patricia gets angry, telling them they they aren't
perfect, and have made messes of their lives. She tells John it won't be hard to forget him - there
isn't much of note to remember.

How about Woombai?Stephen has lost patience.An ultimatum.
Stephen returns to the apartment to find Patricia there. He suggests that they take a trip to Woombai,
seeing as the company has just bought into it. Patricia isn't keen, and tells Stephen that she went to
see Angela and John earlier. She tells him that she wants to make them pay for what they've done to her.
Stephen tells her that he has run out of patience with her. If she doesn't stop all her petty squabbling
with the kids, he's calling their marriage quits. He tells Patricia it's up to her.....

PETER PHELPS (as John Palmer), ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Hamilton),
MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell)

Written by JOHN ALSOP
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 8th June 2002

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