She's after MY Frenchman!Patricia asks a favour.Rob can't believe the news.Charlie snares Phillipe.
Patricia tells Stephen that she will go to Woombai with him, but she'll never forget what John and Angela
have done to her. Stephen kisses her.
At Toorak, Amanda tells Charlie that she is looking forward to going to the cinema with Phillipe that
afternoon. She goes to get changed and Charlie answers the phone. It is Patricia, who tells Charlie about
her bust up with the twins, and her problem with Stephen. Charlie complains to her that her stepdaughter
is after HER Frenchman. Patricia tells her that Paul is planning to buy a baby for him and Angela, and she
isn't too keen on the idea. It is putting a strain on their marriage. She tells Charlie to make sure that Rob
isn't available if Angela decides to go running back to him. She wants Angela to feel alone. Charlie remarks
that she knows someone who could keep Rob occupied....
At The Terrace, Kevin and Lynn are excitedly getting ready to go and pick Davey up from the hospital.
Charlie arrives, and deliberately tells Rob that Paul and Angela are going to buy a baby. Rob isn't too
pleased. Charlie tells him he should let his hair down and start to enjoy life. She remarks that Amanda
has her eye on him. Charlie goes into the kitchen to see Phillipe. She tells him that she has spoken to a
well known food writer, and the man wants to meet him that afternoon. Phillipe tells her he is supposed
to be going out with Amanda. Charlie tells him that she'll let Amanda know.
Stephen and Patricia arrive at Woombai, and Patricia is shocked to find Doug and Rosie Palmer there.
She tells them they'll have to move to the guest house, but Rosie is having none of it. Stephen tells her
they will go to the guest house.

David spots Patricia.Tony is impressed with Terry's rifle.Stephen is annoyed.So is his daughter.
David and Tony also arrive at Woombai. From his truck, David sees Patricia riding a horse. She also
spots him and stops. David tells Tony, "So much for a relaxing holiday." Once inside, David tells his
father that he was supposed to be there for a rest. Rosie tells David that he won't have to see Patricia
- she is staying at the guest house. Outside, Tony runs into Terry, who is polishing a rifle. Tony asks if
he can have a go, but Terry tells him it isn't loaded, and he is busy. Terry walks off and Tony eyes the gun.
Stephen is in the guest house when Patricia rushes in. She tells him that she wants to leave, because David
Palmer is staying there. Stephen isn't happy and tells her to stay out of David's way, and act like a human
being for once. He walks off.
At Toorak, Amanda is ready for her date with Phillipe. Charlie, smiling, tells her to have a good time.
When Amanda arrives at The Terrace, Rob tells her that Phillipe has gone to meet a writer, and he
thought Charlie would have told her. Amanda is furious. She tells Rob she was really looking forward
to seeing the movie. Rob offers to take her and she agrees. After they leave, Kevin shows Lynn the
huge medical bills for Davey, and asks her if she can pay for it out of her savings. He also tells her
they haven't got any medical cover - he stopped paying into the health fund when she went off with
Davey. Lynn tells him she forgot all about the health fund too.

Lynn and Kevin have money worries.Nice weapon."I'll get her for you, Dave!"
At Woombai, Tony picks up Terry's rifle. In the guest house, Rosie asks Terry where Tony is.
Terry tells her that Tony wanted a go with his rifle earlier, and he told him it wasn't loaded, even
though it is. Outside, Tony spots Patricia walking along. He aims the rifle sight at her and pulls the
trigger. A shot rings out and Patricia falls to the ground. Tony is shocked.....

SARAH KEMP (as Charlie Bartlett), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), NOEL HODDA (Rob Keegan),
STEVE DU-CASSE (Phillipe Souchon), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer), GRANT PIRO (Tony Parker),
ANDREW CLARKE (Terry Hansen), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer)

Written by DON BATTYE
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 8th June 2002

297 299