Pat's in a state.I've been shot!The doctor queries Stephen.David is annoyed at being blamed.
Stephen is nearby with a worker and hears the shot. They decide to investigate, jumping in a car.
Tony doesn't know what to do. He goes to approach Patricia, then sees the approaching car so he hides.
Stephen picks up Patricia, puts her in the car and drives off. Tony wipes the rifle with a cloth and puts
it back in Terry's car.
Stephen carries Patricia into the guest house and tells the receptionist to phone for a doctor. Patricia
begins to come round and is groggy. She feels the side of her head and realises that she has been shot
at. She immediately thinks it was David. Stephen tells her that when the doctor comes, she is to tell him
she fell over and grazed her head. He will sort it out with David later on.

Discussion.Tony owns up.Stephen delivers shock news.Not a happy bunny.
The doctor tells Stephen that Patricia will be all right. He tells Stephen that the wound looks like a
gun shot wound, but Stephen insists that Patricia fell off a horse. At the main house, Stephen is arguing
with David. Stephen tells him that he wants some answers and David thinks he is accusing him of the
shooting. Stephen threatens to bring the police in. Tony is listening outside the window. He goes in and
admits he took the shot at Patricia. Stephen tells David he should keep more watch over his young friend.
Outside, he apologises to David. He tells him that they should keep as far away from each other as possible
and David agrees.
At the guest house, Stephen tells Patricia that it was David's friend Tony who was mucking about with the
rifle when it went off. Patricia is still aggrieved that he was pointing the gun at her. She says that everyone
hates her - David, Gordon, Barbara, John, Angela, Rob etc. She tells Stephen they should start a life of
their own and disown the others. Stephen agrees. She asks him to buy out Gordon's share of the business
so they don't have to see him again. Stephen says he can't. When Patricia demands to know why not, he
tells her - he is broke. The Melbourne house, the Sydney apartment, the company - it all belongs to his
mother. He works for her and she pays him a fee.
Stephen asks Patricia if she still loves him and she says yes. She tells him that she should have told her
about his financial situation. She asks what would happen if Stephen's mother cut off his allowance,
and Stephen tells her she is strong enough to stand up to her. Patricia tells him she needs to go for a
walk and leaves.

A riverside meeting.His life's a mess.Her's isn't too clever either.
Patricia is sitting on the riverbank and David turns up. She reminds him that last time they were there
together, they were in love. She asks him if he wants to hear something funny. She tells him that Stephen
is broke - mummy has all the money. Patricia asks David what it's like to have won - he has a wife that
loves him, and John and Angela. David tells her that no one has won. He is there because he's running
away - his life is a mess. Patricia tells him she is sorry. David approaches her, then changes his mind
and walks away into the trees.....

MICHAEL LONG (as Stephen Morrell), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer), SYD CONABERE (Doug Palmer),
ANNE HADDY (Rosie Palmer), GRANT PIRO (Tony Parker)

Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 15th June 2002

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