Stephen isn't happy with his wife.Patricia explains.Let's start gain.Stephen finds a cat.
Patricia and Stephen arrive at the Sydney apartment. Patricia isn't happy about the time it took them to
get back. Stephen tells her that it's too late to go and see Gordon - he'll see him tomorrow. He suggests
going out for a meal and to the theatre. Patricia doesn't seem to care, and Stephen tells her she's been
acting like a difficult child ever since they left Woombai. He says he wants their relationship to go back to
what it was like before. Patricia tells him that things have changed, and it's his fault, not hers.
Later, Patricia tells Stephen that learning that your husband has no assets and works for his mother takes
a bit of getting used to. She tells him that she still loves him, and Stephen tells her that there is no reason
why they can't start again. Patricia says that after all the money worries she's had, she can't see herself
going begging to some old battle-axe. Stephen tells her it won't be like that. Patricia keeps sneezing, and
tells him she's been like that since they arrived. Stephen finds the cause - a tabby cat. He decides it must
belong to Jill. Patricia tells him she's allergic to them.

Morning gossip.Jill and 'Snuffles'.Stephen tells mum the good news.The old woman's on her way!
The next morning, Jill tells Patricia that because of her, she is going to rename her cat Snuffles. Wayne
and Jill rush off to the registry office - they want to get their wedding sorted out as soon as possible.
After they've left, Patricia tells Stephen she'll give it a year. Stephen tells her she is being cynical. Patricia
tells him that she's just being realistic. She tells Stephen it's about time they took the next step. He should
phone his mother and tell her that they are married. Stephen tells Patricia that his mother won't be happy.
After waiting only a short time, Stephen hangs up and says she's not in and he'll phone her when he gets
back from Gordon's. Patricia tells him that he's worried. He replies that he's not, just wary.
Later, Stephen does get through to his mother, and tells her that he'll see her when she gets back. He tells
Patricia that she turned on the charm, which means she's furious. He also tells Patricia that his mother is
flying back to Australia next week, and that she's got a battle on her hands. Patricia tells him they'd better
get going, or they'll miss their plane.

MICHAEL LONG (as Stephen Morrell), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), KIM LEWIS (Jill O'Donnell),
IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Hamilton)

Written by PETER PINNE
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 16th June 2002

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