Hush my dear.Show me round the house.Beryl at The Terrace.A lovely meal.Intrigued.
Patricia tells Amanda she thought they were friends, but Amanda replies that she was very lovey dovey
when she knew Dee was coming. Stephen tells Amanda to go to her room. Dee remarks that no girl likes
her new stepmother straight away. Amanda tries to continue, but Dee tells her she has had her say. She
asks Patricia to show her around the house and says, 'From one schemer to another, welcome to the family.'
At The Terrace, Beryl has come in to cover for Amanda. Rob tells her he thought Amanda would have stuck
at it, but he guesses she is too spoilt. He goes to stack the chairs. Phillipe tells Beryl that Amanda was
upset at the way Rob treated her. Beryl says that there's nothing between them. Phillipe tells her that isn't
how Amanda feels.
At Toorak, Dee tells Patricia that lunch was lovely. She also tells Stephen how glad she is that he's
married again, although he could have let her know sooner. Dee goes to freshen up, and Patricia remarks
to Stephen that everything she says has a sting in it. Stephen decides they should go and see Amanda, to
find out what's wrong with her.

Listen here young lady!Dee wants more info.Wily old bird.Amanda is upset.I want a grandson.
Amanda is playing records in her room. Patricia asks her what's wrong. Amanda says that she isn't going to
lie for her benefit. Dee asked what she was like, and she told her. Amanda says that Patricia calls her
names behind her back, and says she overheard what Patricia said that morning. Stephen tells her that
Patricia was only sticking up for her - he wanted a piece of her for staying out all night. Patricia says
they should talk later when they've all calmed down. Amanda says there is nothing more to discuss
That evening, Stephen and Patricia are relaxing in the lounge. Stephen says he feels like he's been in
World War III. They decide to have an early night, and meet Dee in the passageway. She tells them she
feels like it's midday, and wishes them a good night. She goes to see Amanda in her room and gives her
a necklace. She tells her she was interested in what she had to say earlier, but she should learn there
is a time and a place. She asks her granddaughter exactly what she meant about Patricia. Amanda tells
her she thought she was on Patricia's side. Dee tells her she doesn't take sides, not before she's
found out all there is to know.
Amanda arrives at The Terrace, and Phillipe tells her that Rob is in the kitchen. She goes into the kitchen
and tells Rob she is sorry. He tells her okay, but not to do it again. He rushes off and says he'll see her
in a couple of days. Lynn tells Amanda that she can tell she's keen on Rob. Amanda replies that he doesn't
feel the same about her. Lynn says he still hasn't got over Angela.

Patricia is taken aback.Stephen is told.I'd like a job.AmandaLynn
The next morning at Toorak, Dee tells Stephen to call her a cab. She has some business to attend to in
the city, and then she's having lunch at Amanda's restaurant. After Stephen leaves the room, she tells
Patricia they can have a little chat. She tells Patricia she knows that she's a woman who likes to get her
own way, and she likes that. She also says that she doesn't have a grandson - someone to carry on the
Morrell name. Patricia is shocked, and tells Dee they had no plans for children. Dee continues that she
is still a young woman - her child bearing days are far from over. She says that she hopes Patricia doesn't
put it off too long as she hasn't much time left to live. Patricia is furious, and tells Stephen that they
can only bow and scrape so much. Stephen tells her that Dee is just trying to annoy her.
At The Terrace, Lynn and Amanda are trying to persuade Kevin to phone Stephen for a job interview.
Kevin tells them that Stephen would hang up as soon as he heard his name. The women tell him he has
nothing to lose.
Kevin arrives at Toorak, and meets Patricia outside. She tells him he has no chance of getting the job.
Kevin tells her that he's there to see her husband, not her. Stephen isn't too impressed that Kevin has
turned up on his doorstep. Kevin explains that he's David Palmer's son, and although Patricia has had
a few run-ins with his family, it is him that's applying for the job, not the rest of them. Stephen tells
him they might as well have a chat.
In town, Dee gets out of a taxi and walks into a solicitor's.
Kevin leaves Toorak, and Patricia asks Stephen if he will give him the job. Stephen says that Kevin is
a bit too inexperienced. Patricia wonders if Amanda got him to come along, but Stephen tells her that
he didn't seem the type to be pushed around.
At The Terrace, Amanda tells Phillipe that he had better be on good form, as her grandmother is coming
for lunch. She tells Lynn that Dee always likes to get her own way, and when she was younger she
was a chorus girl.
Dee leaves the solicitor's with a man. He tells her to sign the original and return it to them. Dee remarks
that, if everything goes according to plan, they'll just tear it up. She gets into a taxi.

Kevin explains what happenedI want no favours.Dee MorrellThe new will.
Later, Dee is eating at The Terrace, and being waited on by Amanda. Amanda returns to the kitchen,
where Kevin has just turned up. He tells Lynn and Amanda that he just turned up at Toorak, and Amanda
tells him that her father wouldn't have been impressed with that. Lynn is disappointed that Kevin has
blown it. Amanda tells Kevin there is something she could do. He tells her that he doesn't want her
pulling any favours with her old man. Amanda rushes out of the kitchen to see Dee. She tries to persuade
her to help Kevin get the job, but Dee tells her that she doesn't interfere with the business. She also says
that she has more important things to worry about.
Dee arrives back at Toorak. She tells Stephen and Patricia that she's had a new will drafted, but she
hasn't signed it yet. She tells them to read it and have a think about it for a few days. She goes to the
living room. Stephen looks at the will and says it is outrageous. Everything has been reworded.
Basically, if they fail to produce a son, they will be cut off without a cent.....

ALYCE PLATT (as Amanda Morrell), MARY WARD (Dee Morrell), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer),

Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 23rd June 2002

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