Angela confronts her mother.None of your business.Barbara lays into Stephen.Under fire!
Angela is told by Patricia that it's none of her business. Angela tells her that she can't just walk in
and take whatever she wants. Patricia leaves and congratulates Angela on getting two babies for
the price of one. Later, Gordon and Barbara are home, and Angela has told them what happened.
Barbara remarks that, after a while with Patricia, there's no knowing how low Stephen has become.
She decides to go and have a chat with him.
At the apartment, Barbara has a go at Stephen. She tells him that he is Gordon's business partner,
and now he cannot be trusted. Stephen tells Barbara that the will hasn't been destroyed, just put out
of harm's way. He tells her that it was necessary to take the will - he is entitled to his share of Dee's
money. Barbara tells him that Patricia has really changed him - they deserve each other.

My handbag!Next move?We've got the will.Barbara arrives at the hospital.
In the hospital, Dee is delirious. She keeps muttering that she must have her handbag, and that she wants
to see her daughter. The nurse tells her that she'll have her handbag in the morning.
The next morning at the apartment, Patricia tells Stephen that she is chuffed that Dee laid down her
ace and they trumped it. Stephen doesn't seem too happy, and Patricia tells him that Dee might die. But
they have the will, and will burn it. Stephen looks at her oddly.
At Dural, Barbara tells Gordon she has heard from the hospital that Dee has regained consciousness, and
keeps asking for her handbag. When Gordon suggests just taking it to her, Barbara reminds him that when
Dee discovers the will is missing, she might have another attack.

No love lost.Barbara is told to burn the will.Gordon is tricked.I know what's going on!
Barbara arrives at the hospital to find Stephen and Patricia there. Patricia notices that Barbara has
Dee's handbag, and Barbara explains that she thinks that Dee imagines she is on her way out, and wants
to change the will. Patricia tells Barbara that if she goes in to see Dee and starts shooting her mouth off,
Dee might have another heart attack, so it's up to her. Barbara goes in to see Dee and gives her her bag.
Dee tells Barbara that something is missing. Barbara tells her that they put it in their safe. Dee is relieved
and tells Barbara that she wants the will destroyed - it was a bluff to control Stephen. Barbara tells her
that she'll burn it as soon as she gets home. Dee explains that she didn't expect to be going so soon, and
hates the fact that most of her money might go to charity. Barbara leaves her and outside, tells Stephen
and Patricia that Dee wants the will burnt. She tells them to thank their lucky stars they got away with it.
Dee gets her nurse to phone Gordon, to check if the document is still safely locked away in the safe.
Gordon replies that he doesn't know what she is talking about. Dee tells the nurse that she knows
exactly what is going on.

ALLY FOWLER (as Angela Keegan), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
ANNE SHERIDAN (Nurse), BRIAN BLAIN (Gordon Hamilton)

Directed by MARK PIPER
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 30th June 2002

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