Phillipe is aware.Mandy on the blower.Putting on an act.Rob falls for it.Barbara confronts Dee.
At The Terrace, Rob tells Amanda that he has to get ready for another trip. Phillipe tells her that
he knows how she feels about Rob. Amanda explains that she can't pin Rob down long enough to find
out how he feels about her. When Phillipe tells her that Rob's next trip is to Sydney, Amanda has an
idea. She phones Barbara at Dural, and tells her that she's coming to Sydney, and asks if she can stay
there. Barbara says she can, and Amanda tells her that she will be driving down with Rob.
Later, Rob is just getting ready to leave when he sees Amanda looking miserable. She tells him that
Dee has got worse, and she should be there to see her, but she has no way of getting to Sydney
because she is broke. Rob tells her he is going to Sydney, and she pretends to be surprised. He offers
to drive her down and she is delighted. She goes into the kitchen and smiles to herself.

Dee has changed her mind.Pat and Stephen arrive.Dee warns Patricia.This is war!
At the hospital, Dee asks why Barbara lied to her about the will. Barbara tells her that she didn't want
to upset her after her heart attack. Dee asks if she was worried about having her death on her
conscience, and Barbara says yes. Barbara tells her that Patricia stole the will from her house, with
every intention of burning it. Dee tells her that she believes her, and that she has taken after her in
one way - her stubbornness. After Barbara leaves, Dee presses her buzzer. When the nurse comes in,
she tells her to tell Stephen and his wife that she would like to see them immediately, as it is important.
Later, Stephen and Patricia arrive at the hospital. Patricia tells Stephen to go and find the doctor, and
she'll go in to see Dee alone. As she enters the room, Dee wakes up. Patricia tells her that, now the will
has been destroyed, she can be honest. She tells Dee that it is impossible for her to have any more kids.
Dee tells her to cut the crap - she knows the whole story about the will, and Patricia's housebreaking.
She warns Patricia that when she gets back to HER house, she'll get rid of her and find Stephen
someone who can give her a grandson. She tells Patricia that she can leave and that if Stephen has to
choose between her and the money, she hasn't got a hope.

The Morrells relax.Amanda visits granny.I'm in love.We'll screw her!
Later, Stephen and Patricia are relaxing at the apartment. Patricia tells her husband that she is worried
Dee will get to him. Stephen tells her not to worry - he is going to have her AND the money.
Amanda visits Dee in the hospital. Dee tells Amanda that there must be an ulterior motive for her to
be there. Amanda tells her that she is in love with Rob. She goes on to tell Dee about how nice the
Palmers are. When she mentions that Patricia can't stand them, Dee suddenly becomes interested.
When Amanda brings Rob in, Dee tells him it's nice to meet him. She adds that she is looking forward to
meeting all his family.
The next morning at the apartment, Stephen tells Patricia he was lying awake all night thinking. He says
that the only way he can have her and the money is by screwing Dee for every penny she has. They are
going to embezzle her....

STEVE DU-CASSE (as Phillipe Souchon), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), NOEL HODDA (Rob Keegan),
CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), MARY WARD (Dee Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell)

Written by BEVAN LEE
Directed by MARK PIPER
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 6th July 2002

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