We'll embezzle her!Goodbye.Rob and Amanda arrive.Arrivals at Dural.
Stephen and Patricia leave the apartment and say goodbye to Wayne and Jill. Patricia apologises that
they won't be there for Wayne and Jill's wedding, and gives Wayne a cheque. After they leave, he is
disappointed it is only for three hundred dollars.
Rob and Amanda arrive at Dural in Rob's truck, picking up Charlie halfway along the drive. When they
arrive, Charlie tells Rob that he has to stay as she has news - Paul and Angela have split up.
Barbara lets them into the house, and Charlie continues with her story. She tells Rob that Angela and Paul
had a huge row about Christine and the twins, and they've separated. She tells Rob that all he has to do
is say the words, and Angela will come running back to him. She remarks that Wayne and Jill's upcoming
wedding would be the perfect opportunity.

You'll never guess what...We'll have to be careful.I'll take on Dee!Barbara advises Rob.
Patricia is talking on the phone. She tells Stephen that she has received a telegram from Dee, ordering him
to employ Kevin Palmer as his personal assistant. She is annoyed, as she can't stand the family. Stephen
is about to phone Dee, but Patricia tells him he shouldn't give her the satisfaction of knowing she's wound
them up. Patricia tells Stephen that Kevin will be a perfect spy for Dee. Stephen says that they'll have to
make sure he knows nothing about the embezzlement. Patricia decides that they should start working on
Kevin to get on his good side. She tells Stephen she will visit Lynn and invite them for lunch the next day.
Patricia adds that she'll make Dee very sorry for starting a war of nerves with her.
At Dural, Barbara tells Rob that it's far from over between Paul and Angela, no matter what Charlie says.
Rob tells her that he and Amanda will stay for the wedding, and that he will apologise to Angela for the
last time they met.

Patricia brings good news.Lynn is chuffed.Kevin and Lynn celebrate.Be nice to Mrs. Morrell.
Patricia arrives at The Terrace and tells Lynn that Kevin has got the job as Stephen's assistant. She explains
that Stephen thought he was too inexperienced, but Dee decided he should be given a chance. She tells Lynn
that Stephen is a fair man, and Kevin will be given every chance. She invites the pair over for lunch the next
day, and Lynn is thrilled to bits. When Kevin arrives home and Lynn gives him the good news, they start to
celebrate with champagne. Lynn tells Kevin that they have been invited over to the Morrell house for lunch
the next day. Kevin tells his wife that will be the most difficult part - being nice to Patricia. He explains
that he can put up with it, as it's worth the money he will be earning.

MICHAEL LONG (as Stephen Morrell), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Hamilton),
ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), KIM LEWIS (Jill O'Donnell), NOEL HODDA (Rob Keegan),
ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett),
ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer), STEVE DU-CASSE (Phillipe Souchon), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer)

Directed by MARK PIPER
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 6th July 2002

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