Wayne is really down.Wayne listens to the offer.Patricia and Stephen can't believe it.
At Toorak, Stephen tells Patricia that Amanda is very miserable - a case of Rob Keegan blues.
Patricia tells him that she has never seen Wayne so down, and it's the perfect time to get him
involved in their scheme. Stephen tells her that he will handle it.
Wayne turns down Stephen's offer. Patricia can't believe it. Wayne tells her he is sick of all the plotting
and double dealing. He just wants a quiet life. He tells them that he won't breathe a word of it to
anyone. Stephen and Patricia try to make him change his mind, but he won't. Wayne leaves.

Wayne says no thanks.Ring Rob!Angela is stunned.
At Dural, John tells Angela that all she has to do is pick up the phone and ring Rob. Angela tells him
that she did, but chickened out when she heard his voice. She is shocked when John tells her that Rob
is moving back up north. Angela tells John that she will see Rob, but only to sort out their business.

MICHAEL LONG (as Stephen Morrell), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Hamilton), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer), ALLY FOWLER (Angela Hamilton)

Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 14th July 2002

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