Wayne's changed his mind.Patricia is pleased.Amanda wants to see Rob.Rob doesn't want to see Amanda.
Wayne is furious after an argument with Gordon, who tells him to get out of the house. He phones Patricia,
and tells her he has changed his mind - he will be head of their dummy company. He tells her there is one
condition - he wants to move into the Sydney apartment that night. When Patricia tells Wayne that Jill is
still there, he tells her to kick her out. He tells Patricia that she and Stephen should call him after they've
worked out what they are going to do. Patricia tells Stephen the good news.
When Wayne arrives at the apartment, Fiona is still there. She informs Wayne that she is going to tell
Rosie every sordid detail about Wayne's dodgy dealings and he won't have a friend left in the world.
She leaves and Wayne is furious.
Amanda arrives at The Terrace and tells Lynn she has worked out what she is going to do about Rob. She
is going to tell him how she feels about him, and then he won't move up north. Lynn wishes her luck and
tells her she has to attend to Davey. In the hallway, Lynn tells Rob that Amanda is waiting to see him.
He tells her that he has to get to the depot, and is just going into the kitchen to pick up his lunch box.

John tries to persuade Angela.Cunning bitch.Angela is disappointed.Lynn intervenes.
Angela and John arrive at the Palmer house. John tells her that she should get back together with Rob,
it's what they both want. Angela tells him that she is going to The Terrace to sort out the accounts, and
if Rob is there, fine.
At The Terrace, Amanda is trying to talk to Rob, but he tells her he has to rush off. The phone rings and
Amanda answers it. It is Angela. She asks if Rob is there and Amanda says he isn't, even though he is.
Angela tells her she is coming over in about fifteen minutes to look over the accounts. Rob asks who it was
on the phone, and Amanda tells him it was someone for Kevin. Rob leaves, and Phillipe asks Amanda what
she is thinking. When Angela arrives, Amanda tells her that she and Rob are an item. She adds that he hates
being without her, and they are moving up north together. Angela is disappointed. Then Lynn comes in and
tells Angela that Amanda is feeding her a pack of lies. Rob doesn't even know that Amanda exists. Lynn
tells Angela that Rob loves her and, as far as he is concerned, there is no one else.

Grow up!I'll get Lynn!Lynn is concerned.Angie won't change her mind.
Amanda arrives back at Toorak, and demands that her father fires Kevin Palmer. When Stephen asks why,
he is told that Lynn ruined her chances with Rob. Stephen tells her that he can't fire Kevin just because
she's had a run-in with his wife! He tells Amanda to stop acting like a child. He adds that Rob wouldn't
want to get involved with her anyway - she's a spoilt little girl with too much to say. He leaves, and
Amanda swears that she'll get back at Lynn somehow.
At The Terrace, Angela is impressed with the takings, as they have made a profit every week. She tells
Lynn that she'd better be heading off. Lynn tells her to wait and see Rob, and try to sort things out.
Angela says that she can't - she's hurt Rob too much already. She leaves, and Lynn and Phillipe look

Rob takes the call.It's your last chance!Dont' leave me!The reunion.
At the Palmer house, Angela is about to leave for the airport. John tells her she is making a big mistake.
Angela admits that she still loves Rob, but he is better off without her. After she leaves, John phones
The Terrace. Lynn answers and tells him that Rob isn't in. John tells her that Angela has left for the
airport, and is getting the next flight back to Sydney. Then Rob arrives home, and Lynn gives him the
phone. John tells Rob to get to the airport quickly to save his marriage. He explains that Angela thinks
that he won't take her back. John tells Rob it's his last chance, and not to blow it.
At the airport, Angela is just about to board her flight when Rob finds her. He tells her that he isn't
going to let her leave again, and there is nothing waiting for her in Sydney. Angela explains that she
doesn't want to go on hurting him, and Rob says that she'll hurt him even more if she gets on the plane.
He asks why they can't give it another try. Angela hugs him and says that she loves him. Rob tells her
not to leave him again.

Wayne is pissed.Patricia is in a hurry.It's a long way down.Shall I?
At Toorak, Patricia is just about to leave the house when the phone rings. It is a drunken Wayne on the
other end. He asks her if she misses him, and Patricia tells him that they only spoke the other day. Wayne
spills some of his scotch, and tells Patricia to hang on. Patricia is in a hurry to get out, and gets fed up
with waiting. She hangs up and leaves. When Wayne realises she isn't there anymore, he starts sobbing
that everybody leaves him, and he doesn't want to be alone. He walks over to the window and opens it,
looking down at the street way below.....

IAN RAWLINGS (as Wayne Hamilton), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer), NOEL HODDA (Rob Keegan), PETER PHELPS (John Palmer),
ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell)

Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 14th July 2002

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