Go away!A sympathetic ear.No hard feelings.Dee phones Barbara.
Dee comes in and tells Wayne to get away from the window. She tells him there is always another answer,
no matter how bad things get. Dee gets Wayne a cup of coffee, and he pours his heart out to her. He
tells Dee that Jill was the only good thing that ever happened to him, and he'll never see her again.
At Toorak, Lynn apologises to Amanda for calling her a liar earlier. Amanda tells her that SHE was the
one who was being selfish, and tells Lynn there are no hard feelings. Lynn leaves. Stephen and Kevin
appear, and Amanda persuades Kevin to have a drink with her.

Barbara tells Dee the truth.Amanda is playing up.Angela realises how lucky she is.Amanda is curious.Stephen is suspicious.
At the apartment, Dee tells Wayne he'd better get some sleep. She phones Barbara, and tells her that
she's just talked Wayne out of killing himself. Barbara arrives later, but tells Dee that Gordon refused
to come. Dee tells her that Wayne wasn't joking. Barbara tells her that it's about time she heard the
full story about Wayne's behaviour.
At Toorak, Amanda is playing up to Kevin. Stephen walks in and Kevin decides that he should leave.
Amanda goes to show him out, and Stephen looks at his daughter suspiciously.
At the Palmer house, Angela tells Beryl how lucky she is to be back with Rob.
At The Terrace, Kevin tells Lynn that he stayed behind after work to have a drink with Amanda. Lynn
tells him about their argument earlier and asks how she was. Kevin replies that she seemed okay, and
isn't the type to bear a grudge.
At Toorak, Amanda asks her father how Kevin got on. Stephen asks her why she wants to know. She says
she is curious, but Stephen doesn't believe her. He thinks she is up to something.

Rob and Angela are leaving.The twins say goodbye.Wayne drops a bombshell.Dee is stunned.
Barbara has finished telling Dee about Wayne, and Dee tells her what he has done isn't so bad. Barbara
tells her mother she isn't surprised that she has taken Wayne's side. Dee tells her that there was a time
when she put herself first, and look what it caused. She tells Barbara not to come over all holier than
thou with her. Barbara moans that she had to bring THAT up, and storms out.
The next morning, Rob and Angela say their goodbyes to the Palmers. They are moving up north. Angela
tells John she wishes he was coming with them. He tells her that, whenever she needs him, he'll be there
for her. Rob and Angela drive away.
At the apartment, Wayne is feeling a lot better. Dee tells him that Barbara called round the previous
night, and told her everything that he had done. She tells him that she has done far worse things in her
time. Wayne tells Dee that he has a lot to thank her for. He explains that Patricia and Stephen plan to
rake off as much of her money as possible. Dee asks him how he knows. He tells her that they are
going to do it via a dummy company, and they want him to front it for them.....

IAN RAWLINGS (as Wayne Hamilton), MARY WARD (Dee Morrell), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer), CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton),
MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer), ALLY FOWLER (Angela Keegan),
NOEL HODDA (Rob Keegan), LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer),
PETER PHELPS (John Palmer)

Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 20th July 2002

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