Dee's not happy.Amanda snipes at Charlie.Charlie's the victim.Wayne is incredulous.
Dee is annoyed. She tells Wayne that Stephen was always weak, but now Patricia has dragged him down to
her level. She tells Wayne to book her on a flight down to Melbourne immediately.
At Toorak, Patricia, Stephen and Charlie are having breakfast. Patricia tells Stephen she is looking
forward to the ball they are going to later - she wants to show him off to all her friends. When Charlie
says that a few of them will probably already know him, Stephen assures Patricia that old flames are
strictly out of bounds. Amanda comes in and says she'd like a dollar for every time he said that to her
mum. Charlie goads her by asking her if she's having trouble with her love life. Amanda tells Charlie she
shouldn't have so many late nights - it makes the bags under her eyes a lot more noticeable. She tells her
father that she is resigning from her job today. Stephen tells her not to expect handouts from him.
At the apartment, Dee is packed and ready to go. She tells Wayne that she admires him for telling her
what was going on. She tells him that he can keep whatever he makes from the scheme, plus she'll pay
him a hefty bonus. Wayne is amazed that she's going to let it continue. Dee explains that Stephen and
Patricia haven't done anything yet. She's going to give them enough rope to hang themselves, and she
wants Wayne to help her. She tells Wayne she will protect him from the police, as long as he helps her.
Wayne tells her he hasn't got much choice, but he's sick of all the double dealing. Dee gives him a ticket
and tells him to visit one of the islands and relax for a few days. She tells Wayne that she'll collect
enough evidence against the pair and then give Stephen an ultimatum - divorce Patricia or end up in jail.

Oh no - she's back!Patricia won't back down.Wayne on the phone.Dee wants Stephen at dinner.
At Toorak, Patricia is shocked when Dee comes through the front door. Dee explains that she was going
to stay at the Sydney apartment, but she found Wayne there. She explains that Wayne was about to
commit suicide. The pair start sniping again, and Dee tells Patricia that she still wants her out of
Stephen's life. As Dee is about to go upstairs, Charlie comes down and greets her. Dee asks her what
she is doing there. Charlie replies that she's Patricia's house guest. Dee tells her she hopes it's a short
stay, and goes upstairs. Patricia reassures Charlie that she's only being picked on because she's one of
her friends. Patricia phones the apartment and Wayne answers. She tells him how sorry she is to hear
about what happened the other night. Wayne tells her he was drunk and a bit unsteady on his feet -
Dee jumped to the wrong conclusion. He tells Patricia he is going up to Queensland for a couple of days
and he'll see her when he gets back. Patricia tells Stephen that his mother is back, and he isn't happy.
She also tells Stephen that Dee saved Wayne from killing himself, and it's ironic that she's given them
back the tool they need.
After Patricia has gone out, Dee is talking with Stephen. She asks him how Kevin Palmer is getting on,
and Stephen tells her he thinks he will work out fine, although he'd rather pick his own staff. Dee
tells him that she's inviting the Palmers over to dinner that night. Stephen explains that he and his wife
already have tickets to a ball. Dee puts on an act, saying she'll have to cope herself. Stephen changes
his mind, saying that he should be with her on her first night home. Amanda appears and is pleased to
see her gran. Stephen goes off to do some work, and Dee and Amanda go into the living room. Dee tells
Amanda she wants her to invite the Palmers over to dinner. Amanda says she wants nothing to do with
Lynn, who ruined her chances with Rob. Dee tells her to grow up - if a man wants a woman badly,
nothing will stand in his way. Amanda tells her that the Palmers won't come over if Patricia's there.
Dee tells her that she'll make sure she isn't - and she'll enjoy doing it.

An invitation.Dee says nothing.Amanda is curious.I won't be the first to break!
At The Terrace, Beryl isn't too keen about the invite. Amanda assures her that Patricia won't be there,
and manages to persuade Beryl to agree to come. Beryl tells her that David might not be too pleased.
Amanda arrives back at Toorak and tells Dee the good news. She explains that she used a little white
lie to help persuade Beryl - she told her that Dee might have paid off the loan on David's truck.
When Dee says nothing, Amanda asks if it WAS her who paid off the loan. Dee tells her "That's for
me to know, and you to find out."
Patricia and Charlie arrive back at Toorak. Dee tells Patricia that she needs her and Stephen to host a
business dinner that night. Patricia tells her they are going to a ball. Dee explains that Stephen has
already agreed. When she tells Patricia that they're entertaining the Palmers, Patricia is amazed. She
accuses Dee of trying to get at her, and warns that she will NOT split her and Stephen up. She adds
that they will not be entertaining her dreary guests. She tells Dee that if she wants a war of nerves,
she's got one. Patricia says that she won't be the first to break.

MARY WARD (as Dee Morrell), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Hamilton), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer)

Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 20th July 2002

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