I've changed my mind.Where's mum and dad?Get your nose out of the air!Kevin and Lynn talk to Dee.
At Toorak, Stephen and Patricia come down the stairs, all dressed up for the ball. Dee asks Stephen why
he has changed his mind about going. He tells her Patricia has told him what she was saying to her. He
tells his mother she is behaving childishly. They leave. Dee goes in to see Amanda, and tells her she is
glad they are out of the way, as she needs to win the Palmer's friendship. Amanda asks her what was the
point in arguing with them. Dee says she just wanted to annoy them.
At The Terrace, Kevin and Lynn are waiting for Beryl and David to pick them up. Kevin is annoyed, as
his parents are fifteen minutes late. He asks Lynn if David and Beryl will be all right, as they don't want
to look like complete morons. Lynn tells him to get his nose out of the air. He phones home and Beryl tells
him that David isn't home yet. She tells Kevin to get a cab to Toorak, and they'll join them later. David
arrives home in a mood. Beryl tells him they'd better not bring up the subject of David's truck, in case
they look stupid. David tells his wife that, if Dee has paid for the truck, she's the one who's going to look stupid.

Kevin's enjoying himself.More wine.Amanda is warned by Dee.Dee talks about trucking.Cut the bull!
At Toorak, Lynn and Kevin are talking with Dee. She tells Kevin that she was impressed with his
determination to succeed - it remind her of herself when she was younger. That's why she decided he
deserved a chance with the job. Amanda pipes in that it was her that got the ball rolling, but Dee tells
her that Kevin would have got a job without her help. She tells Amanda to go and fetch her pills. There
is a knock at the door. Kevin says it must be his parents and goes to let them in. Dee tells Lynn that Kevin
is a fine young man. She asks Lynn about her modelling. Kevin lets his parents in. Beryl remarks that he
seems on top of the world.
Later, they have all finished their meal. Dee asks of anyone wants some more fruit, and David says he'll
have seconds. Kevin looks at him distastefully. Kevin asks Dee how long she has been abroad. Dee tells
him more years than she cares to remember. She says that she will stay at home now - she likes being
around her family. Dee notices that Amanda is giving Kevin some more wine. She suggests they all go
into the living room. Amanda says she'll organise coffee and port, and Kevin can give her a hand. Dee
says that Kevin is a guest, and SHE'LL help her. When they are alone, Dee warns Amanda to keep her
hands off Kevin. She has noticed that Amanda has been chasing him all night, and tells her she doesn't
want her causing trouble between Kevin and Lynn.
Over drinks, Dee starts talking to David about the truck business. David tells her to stop messing
around - he knows she paid off his truck and he wants to know why. Dee explains she wanted to help
them - she was feeling very ill and wanted to pay them back for being nice to Amanda. David tells her
it was very nice, but the Palmers pay their own bills. He tells her he appreciates what she did, but he
will pay her back. Patricia and Stephen arrive back from the ball. Amanda tells them that Dee paid
off David's truck for him. Patricia refuses to go in and see everybody. Stephen remarks that he might
have had second thoughts about embezzling Dee, but not any more.

Amanda didn't realise she was right.She wasn't.Get my pills!Hesitation!
The next morning, Dee tells Amanda she is happy with the way things went the previous night. She has
decided to hold a twenties party in two days time to celebrate her 65th birthday. Amanda tells her that
when she told the Palmers that she had paid off their truck, she didn't realise she'd hit the nail on the
head. Dee tells her she hadn't, but there's nothing wrong in making the Palmers think that she had paid
it. She continues that it will be good to have the Palmers thinking they owe her something.
Later, Patricia starts sniping at Dee. Dee warns her that she'll make her life hell, so she'll be glad to
walk out of there. When Patricia tells her that Stephen will go with her, Dee replies that Stephen will
go where the money is. She is shouting, and suddenly gasps and grabs her chest. She asks Patricia to
get her pills from her handbag. Patricia does, then suddenly hesitates, standing over Dee.....

MARY WARD (as Dee Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer)

Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 21st July 2002

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