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Kevin explains.Amanda is impressed.Dee warns Amanda.Amanda listens.
Suddenly, Kevin hears Davey crying and goes to attend to him. Amanda looks fed up. After he has changed
Davey, Kevin joins Amanda in the dining area and blows a candle on the table out. He tells her that he and
Lynn are a lot happier at the moment than they have been for a long time, and he doesn't want to mess
things up. Amanda tells him that Lynn wouldn't know, but Kevin replies that he would. He continues that
he's seen how messing about with other people can nearly ruin a marriage, using Angela and Rob as an
example. Amanda tells him he is right. They agree they can still be friends, and Kevin says they should
pretend that night never happened.
At Toorak, Wayne is helping himself to a drink when Amanda comes in. She snaps that it hasn't taken him
long to make himself at home. She tells him that Patricia won't last long, and neither will he. She leaves, and
Wayne raises his glass to her sarcastically. Amanda goes in to see Dee. She asks Dee how long Wayne will
be staying, and Dee tells her as long as he wants. Amanda tells her she doesn't like Wayne, and Dee replies
that she'll have to put up with him. She guesses that Amanda has been to see Kevin Palmer, and warns her
that if she messes things up between her and the Palmers, she'll be more sorry than she could imagine.
The next morning at The Terrace, Lynn arrives home from her modelling assignment. When she goes to see
Davey, Phillipe tells Kevin that he didn't tell her about his visitor the previous night. Kevin tells him that he
isn't going to tell her, and nothing happened anyway. He asks Phillipe is HE is going to say anything, but
Phillipe says he won't.
Dee phones her daughter.Barbara isn't keen.Amanda stirs.Phillipe tells all.
At Toorak, Amanda is ready for work. Dee asks her to pop into a costume hire shop and see what they have
in the way of twenties style costumes, as she wants a selection for Fiona and Barbara to choose from.
Dee tells Amanda that she hopes Barbara will come - she sent an invitation to Gordon. Amanda leaves and
Dee phones Barbara at Dural. Barbara tells her that she isn't coming to the party, as every time they have
met recently they have argued. Dee tells her to treat it as a business function, and come for Gordon's sake.
Barbara tells Dee she will come, but when Dee mentions costumes, Barbara tells her there is no way she is
dressing up.
At The Terrace, Amanda is counting money. Phillipe tells her that he knows she likes Kevin a bit too much.
Amanda tells him he is talking through his hat. He tells her that it would really hurt Lynn if Kevin got
involved with someone else. Amanda asks him since when has he been her big brother, or is there more to
it? Phillipe says he'll tell her, but she won't get any mileage out of it. He says that he wouldn't want
anything he'd done to spoil Lynn's marriage. Amanda says neither would she.

STEPHEN COMEY (as Kevin Palmer), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), MARY WARD (Dee Morrell),
CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), STEVE DU-CASSE (Phillipe Souchon)

Written by JOHN ALSOP
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 27th July 2002

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