I don't believe it!She had me fooled.I want to change my will.I'd love to see their faces!
At Dural, Barbara comes off the phone and tells Gordon that Stephen has finally come to his senses - he's
walked out on Dee and her money. She adds that he and Patricia are on their way there now. Gordon asks
her what about her mother? They were getting on better when she left Melbourne. Barbara tells him that
for a while, Dee had her fooled. She thought she was changing, but she wasn't.
At Toorak, Wayne answers the door to Dee's solicitor, Mr. Pritchard. Wayne shows him in to the living room
where Dee is. Dee tells Wayne to leave them and to close the door. Pritchard tells Dee that he understands
she wants to make some changes to her will. Dee tells him to wait and shouts, "Go away, Wayne." Sure enough,
Wayne is listening at the door and leaves. Dee tells Pritchard that her son won't like the changes to the will,
and will probably contest it. She tells him that she wants to take a psychiatric test to prove she is of sound
mind. She also tells him that she wants to make a video recording of her will, to make it more personal. Dee
adds that her only regret is that she won't be around to see their faces.

Any clues?Stephen is offered a job.You should warn Charlie.I told you so.
Later, Dee and the solicitor are finished their business. He tells her that he can have the new will typed up
by 5pm that afternoon. He remarks that, because of the contents of the will, he thinks the psychiatric test
and video recording are a good idea. Dee asks him if he can also speed up a marriage licence for Wayne and
Amanda. Wayne, sitting in the dining room, overhears this. Mr. Pritchard leaves, and Wayne comes out into the
hall and asks Dee if she can give him a clue about the will. Dee tells him no chance. She tells Wayne that he
should be with Amanda and tells him to go and see her.
Stephen and Patricia arrive at Dural. Barbara tells Stephen that she is going to fly down to Melbourne the
next day and try to talk some sense into Amanda. Gordon tells Stephen that he'll go with Barbara. He tells
Stephen that he wants him to work with him. Stephen is very pleased and thanks Gordon, but tells them that
he wants them to change their attitude to Patricia - whatever they do for him, they do for her.
At Toorak, Wayne and Amanda are playing backgammon. Amanda looks miserable, and Wayne asks her
what's wrong. She tells him she is upset at having to choose between her father and Dee.
Charlie comes in and asks where everyone is. They tell her about the bust up, and that Stephen
and Patricia have gone back to Sydney. Wayne warns Charlie that she'd better leave too. Charlie tells him
that her and Dee are friends now, and goes to see Dee. Amanda tells Wayne to go after Charlie -
even she doesn't deserve a tongue-lashing.
Charlie sees Dee in the hall and tells her how sorry she is. Dee tells her that she has never liked her, and
she is possibly the most brainless person she has ever met. She tells Charlie the sooner she packs her bags
and leaves the better. Wayne appears and tells Charlie he tried to warn her. Charlie remarks what a
horrible woman Dee is.

Let's call a truce.Cheer up.I don't want to be alone.You couldn't possibly guess!Wayne is curious.
At Dural, Gordon and Stephen go to the study. Patricia tells Barbara that she really does love Stephen,
and never set out to take him to the cleaners. Barbara tells her she believes her. They agree that they'll
never be friends, and Barbara tells Patricia that she and Stephen are welcome to stay there as long as they
want. Patricia politely declines the offer, saying there's too much water under the bridge between them.
She asks Barbara if they could call a truce while they are both living there. Barbara agrees.
At Toorak, Amanda is sitting in her room looking miserable. Dee comes in and tells her she should go out
for a walk with Wayne. She tells Amanda that she is certain that Stephen won't hang around with Patricia
for long. Amanda agrees to go out with Wayne.
Wayne and Amanda are walking through a park. Wayne tells her that Dee is speeding up their marriage
licence, and she isn't happy. Wayne tells her they might as well get married as soon as possible - then they'll
get their first cheque. Amanda is still upset about letting her father down. Wayne tells her he went through
the same thing when he busted up with Gordon. He tells her that she needs some time on her own, and tells
her he'll be back for her later. Amanda tells him she doesn't want to be on her own at the moment.
Later, the pair arrive back at Toorak, where they find Dee in the living room surrounded by champagne
glasses. She tells them that they have missed a historic event - the signing and witnessing of her last will
and testament. Wayne asks her for a clue of what's in it, but Dee says no. She tells him that all hell will
break loose when it's read - Patricia may dance a jig on her grave, but she'll have the last laugh. Dee
explains that apart from him, he couldn't possibly guess who she's left the money to.....

CORNELIA FRANCES (as Barbara Hamilton), BRIAN BLAIN (Gordon Hamilton),
KENNETH GOODLET (Pritchard), MARY WARD (Dee Morrell), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Hamilton),
ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett)

Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 10th August 2002

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