Gordon and Barbara talk.Dee plots.You must romance Amanda.You're kidding!
After Wayne leaves, Barbara is furious. Gordon tells her that Wayne had a point - Stephen was planning to
embezzle Dee, even though nothing came of it. He adds that Dee and Wayne will make sure the entire
business community knows about it. Gordon tells Barbara that he's not sure whether he can have Stephen
working with him now - he must have the trust of his clients. He tells his wife that as soon as he gets
his business with Wayne out of the way, he'll fly back to Sydney and give Stephen the bad news.
There is a knock on the front door. Barbara goes out into the hall, but Wayne answers the door.
It is a Dr. Jordan to see Dee. Wayne takes him upstairs and Barbara looks worried. She tells Gordon
that Dee obviously wasn't faking it.
Dee is in bed in her room, and Wayne shows the doctor in and then leaves. Dee asks the doctor what the
psychiatric tests involve. Dr. Jordan tells her that he needs to ask her some standard questions, to make sure
she is of sound mind. Dee tells him to fire away. He asks Dee if she is up to it, and she replies that
she's never felt better!
Later, Wayne comes into the bedroom. He tells Dee that Gordon has gone back to Sydney and they have
finished their business, but Barbara will not budge. Dee tells him to bring Amanda home the next day. Wayne
asks her what happens if Barbara gets Amanda to change her mind. Dee tells him that, by tonight, there
shouldn't be the slightest doubt in Amanda's mind. When Wayne asks why, Dee tells him that he has to
romance Amanda. He is to take her out for a night on the town - no expense spared, until she has stars in
her eyes and is champing at the bit to marry him.

Dee puts it on.Barbara promises.Gordon is sorry.Stephen understands.
The next morning, Barbara takes Dee a cup of coffee in her room. Dee again puts on an act, and tells
Barbara that she seems to have lost all track of time. Barbara brings up the subject of Amanda. Dee tells her
that if she wants to marry Wayne, that's her business. Barbara tells her that it's difficult to imagine
anyone wanting to marry Wayne. Dee tells Barbara that Amanda is very fond of him, and she'll see that
when she gets home. Dee asks Barbara to promise that, if Amanda is happy to marry Wayne, she'll
stop making trouble. Barbara tells her that, if that is the case, she'll bow out gracefully.
She also says she'll eat her hat as well.
At the Sydney apartment, Gordon has given Stephen the bad news. Stephen tells him that he understands.
Gordon tells him that he feels bad - he shouldn't have offered him the job without thinking of the
consequences and he's sorry for getting his hopes up. Patricia complains, but Stephen tells her there
is no way he can take the job if it's going to harm the business and embarrass Gordon. Gordon tells Stephen
it's not going to be easy for him to get a job.

You're in a good mood.I'm marrying Wayne.I'm leaving!Oh dear.
At Toorak, Wayne and Amanda arrive home. Wayne goes to make a drink, and Amanda is delighted to see her
aunt. Barbara remarks that she seems on top of the world. Barbara tells her that the idea of her marrying
Wayne is sick. Amanda replies that she sees no reason why the pair of them can't be as happy as a couple
marrying for love. She adds that she likes Wayne, and might end up loving him. She tells Barbara that she
and Wayne are getting married, and that's all there is to it. She walks away and Barbara protests.
Dee is at the top of the stairs, and tells Barbara that she made a promise. Barbara tells her that she has
tricked her once too often, and she is leaving. She storms out, telling Dee that she's not surprised she
is frightened of dying - because when she does, she'll be totally alone.....

BRIAN BLAIN (as Gordon Hamilton), CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), MARY WARD (Dee Morrell),
IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Hamilton), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell)

Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 11th August 2002

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