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Amanda is upsetWayne is being practical.Patricia congratulates Stephen.The bride and groom.Barbara and Stephen hear the news.
Later, Wayne puts the phone down, He tells Amanda that the doctor will be over to sign the death
certificate, and that he suggested they get in touch with the funeral directors as soon as possible.
Upset, Amanda tells him that she'll ring Stephen and Barbara. Wayne tells her not to - they can't find
out until the next day, as there are a lot of things to sort out. Amanda starts sobbing and Wayne tells
her to get it out of her system, as there is one very important thing they have to do before that night.
At the apartment, Charlie is telling Patricia that she has been invited to a special ball and has the feeling
that the photo of her with Dee Morrell will open quite a few doors for her. Stephen comes in and tells
Patricia that he has got a job which is better than the one he had with Dee, and the money is fantastic.
He asks Charlie to open a bottle of champagne. Stephen hugs Patricia and tells her that for the first
time in his life, he's on his own and it feels great.
At Toorak, Amanda and Wayne open the front door. Wayne is in a suit and Amanda is wearing a white
dress. Wayne carries her over the threshold and tells her it is the custom. They go into the living room.
Amanda tells Wayne she isn't proud of what they have just done - Dee wasn't dead for five minutes and
they've rushed off to get married. Wayne tells her it is called survival and it had to be done. He gives
her a drink and tells her it'll make her feel better- after all, it is their wedding day.
At the apartment, Stephen hugs Barbara. They have heard the bad news. Barbara tells him that she
had a cry on the way over, but doesn't feel any great loss. Stephen tells her he feels the same. Gordon
asks Stephen if he knows why Dee wanted the will read before the funeral, and Stephen says he has no
idea. Gordon and Patricia make themselves scarce, and Stephen and Barbara hug each other.

Kevin is stunned.You're sacked!Wayne drops a bombshell.Disbelief!
At Toorak, Kevin arrives and Amanda lets him in. Kevin goes into the living room, and Wayne tells Amanda
to leave them alone for a minute. Kevin asks Wayne what he wants him to do and Wayne says nothing -
he's giving him the sack. He gives Kevin a weeks salary, but Kevin complains that Dee said he was doing
a good job. Wayne answers that he's running things now, and he doesn't want Kevin around. Kevin tells
him that he's really enjoying it, and Wayne agrees, saying that sacking a Palmer is a pleasure.
At the Palmer house, Beryl puts the phone down and looks puzzled. David asks her what is wrong. Beryl
tells him that she can't understand it - something very strange is going on.
At Toorak, Amanda tells Wayne she isn't looking forward to what is going to happen. Wayne tells her
to just act naturally. He opens the front door to Gordon, Barbara, Stephen and Patricia. They all go
into the living room, and Amanda goes to get some coffee. When she returns, Stephen asks her if she's
got a job yet. Amanda says no. Wayne starts asking about the weather, and Patricia tells him that they
didn't come there to discuss the weather. Wayne tells her there are a few things to be said, and
Patricia tells him to get on with it. Wayne tells Gordon that he's had his name changed by deed poll -
it's Wayne Morrell now. He puts his arm around Amanda, and tells them he'd like them to meet his
new wife. Gordon and Stephen look stunned. Gordon starts protesting, but Wayne tells him that they
wouldn't have got the money unless they got married. Barbara tells Wayne that if he has been left
nothing by Dee, his marriage won't last very long. Wayne remarks that the reason it gets under their
skin is that it is done, and there's nothing they can do about it. Gordon tells Wayne that he's come a
cropper before, and it'll happen again. There is a knock at the front door. Amanda answers it and Beryl
Palmer comes in. She announces that she has been left something by Dee. Wayne looks worried.

Wayne listens.Patricia has a go.The videotape is played.The vultures gather.
In Amanda's room, Wayne tells Amanda that he is surprised that Dee has left anything to Beryl. He tells
her that Dee might have gone back on her promise. Amanda tells him that might be what he deserves, as
she's never met someone so hard before. Patricia comes in and tells them that the solicitor has arrived.
Amanda leaves. Patricia tells Wayne that, even if he has cracked first prize, he'll need more than money
to keep him going. She adds that he's never had much of what you'd call a brain. Patricia tells him that
he'll come running for her help. Wayne goads her by saying that in case she doesn't get anything, she's
trying to get in with him. He walks out.

PatriciaStephenBarbaraWayne and Amanda
Everyone is in the living room. The solicitor explains that he is going to play a videotape, which runs for
about ten minutes and loosely summarises the contents of the will. He adds that it was Dee's wish that
the tape was played before the will was actually read out, and that it is fast becoming an accepted
procedure in the United States. The solicitor puts the tape in and it starts playing. On the television
screen, Dee remarks that she is sorry she can't be there to see their reactions. She adds that the reason
she wanted her will read before the funeral was to put them all out of their misery. Dee says that she
bets they are all feeling nervous, so she'd better get on with it.....

ALYCE PLATT (as Amanda Morrell), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton),
STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer), BRIAN BLAIN (Gordon Hamilton),
MARY WARD (Dee Morrell), LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer)

Written by PETER PINNE
Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 17th August 2002

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