They're getting nothing.He's getting nothing.They're getting loads.She's getting angry.
Dee starts reading from her will. She tells Barbara and Gordon that they've never been interested in her
money, so they're not getting any. She tells Barbara that she is leaving her jewellery to her, which she
can pass down to her daughters when the time comes. Dee tells Stephen that he has proved he's quite
capable of looking after himself, so she doesn't see the need to leave him anything. She adds that, since
he went through his father's inheritance so quickly, he won't have much chance of contesting the will.
She tells him that, for sentimental reasons, he and Patricia can have her portrait. Dee tells Amanda that
she has kept her word - she will receive half her assets plus the house in Melbourne and the Sydney
apartment, as long as she gives birth to a son fathered by Wayne Morrell within twelve months. She
adds that if they don't have a son, their share will go to charity. Dee continues that the remainder of
her estate goes to two people, who will each take a third share, along with Wayne, of her business assets.
She says that the first is one of the most honest people she has ever met and, for that, Beryl Palmer should
be rewarded. Beryl cannot believe the news, and Patricia is particularly annoyed. The solicitor stops
the tape and tells them if they can be quiet, there isn't much of the tape to go. The tape continues, and
Dee tells them that the third person to benefit is someone who has had a very hard life - it is Patricia's
sister, Margaret Dunne. Patricia looks stunned
Good news in the Palmer house.Beryl is in shock.Barbara is worried.Patricia argues.Barbara warns Beryl.
At the Palmer house, Beryl tells David and Kevin that she left the house as soon as the tape had finished
and she'd never been so embarrassed in her life. David asks her if she knows how Dee knew Margaret,
but Beryl doesn't know. She tells them that Stephen and Barbara are really entitled to the money, and
Dee obviously included Margaret to get back at Patricia.
At Toorak, the solicitor is leaving. Patricia tells him that they will be contesting the will, as Dee obviously
wasn't of sound mind when she wrote it. The solicitor tells her that Dee had a psychiatric test two days
before to prove she was of sound mind. He tells Stephen and Patricia they can waste money on a court
case if they want, but he doesn't see much hope for them.
In the living room, Barbara is upset and tells Gordon she wants to stay in a hotel that night. She adds
that she feels they lost Amanda for good that day. Gordon tells her that she won't be able to put up
with Wayne for long.
In Amanda's room, Wayne and Amanda are drinking champagne. Wayne is thrilled, but Amanda seems
miserable. Wayne tells her that he can't believe they got so much from Dee. He tells her that she has
to be happy - she's got everything she ever wanted and is now free. Amanda tells him that she is happy,
but doesn't look too convincing.
In the living room, Patricia is still fuming. Stephen tells her to let it drop - she agreed with him that
they'd have nothing more to do with Dee or her money. Patricia tells him to go over to see Beryl with
her. Beryl will still be feeling guilty about the money. Stephen refuses, so Patricia decides to go alone.
At the Palmer house, Beryl receives a call from Barbara, warning her that Patricia is on the way over.
Beryl tells Barbara that her and Stephen deserve their share of the money. Barbara explains that neither
her nor Stephen want any of Dee's money. Beryl thanks her for the warning. She tells Kevin that when
Patricia arrives, he'd better make himself scarce. Kevin complains that he's not a kid. Beryl tells him
that he's been acting like one, and he leaves. David explains that Kevin is a bit down - Wayne gave him
the sack earlier.

Amanda makes a decision.Wayne is surprised.What do you want?I want money!Stephen declines the offer.
At Toorak, Amanda comes down from upstairs. She tells Wayne that she's had a think. She feels bad that
Stephen hasn't got anywhere to live, so she's signing the Sydney apartment over to him. Wayne protests
that they might need it, and she should have discussed it with him first. Amanda tells him that he forgets
that their partnership isn't equal - she is the one who'll have to carry the baby. She adds that if he
doesn't go along with what she wants, she might change her mind. Wayne agrees, but isn't happy.
Patricia arrives at the Palmer house, and starts waffling on about Stephen. Beryl tells her to come straight
out with it - she is there to ask her to hand back the money. She adds that if Stephen had asked her, she
would have handed it back, but she received a call from Barbara telling her that he doesn't want any of
the money. Beryl tells Patricia she might as well leave now, because she's not getting a thing from her.
Patricia tells her that she grovelled and fussed over Dee to make sure she got a share of the money, and
it's a shame she hasn't got the taste to know how to spend it. She leaves.
At Toorak, Amanda tells Stephen that she feels really bad about what happened with the money. She
begs her father to let her sign the Sydney apartment over to him, but Stephen tells her it's hers, and
he can't take it. He tells her that they'll stay there until they sort something else out. Stephen tells
Amanda that he's worried about her, and warns her to be very careful with Wayne.

Beryl is thoughtful.You're my wife!Patricia rages.Stephen gives an ultimatum.
At the Palmer house, David is enjoying the television, but Beryl is in a world of her own. She tells David
that other people must be thinking what Patricia said - that she grovelled around Dee just to get some
of her money. David tells her it doesn't matter what other people think, as long as they know it isn't true.
Beryl tells him that she's going to use the money to help people.
At Toorak, Amanda yawns and tells Wayne she's going to bed. Wayne goes to join her, but Amanda tells
him she doesn't want her father knowing they spent the night together. Wayne tells her that, if she's
that worried about Stephen finding out, they can spend the night there instead. Amanda changes her
mind and tells Wayne she might stay up for a while instead. Wayne tells her that they are going to bed
now - together. Amanda goes to walk off and Wayne grabs her. He tells her that she is his wife, and
is going to start acting like it. Amanda struggles and Wayne tries to kiss her.
At the Palmer house, Beryl tells Kevin she knows he was given the sack and now she has plenty of
money, she can set him up in a small business. Kevin tells her that he enjoyed his old job and wants
it back. He tells Beryl that she can get it back for him, as she is now an equal partner in the company.
Beryl tells him she'll have a word with Wayne and asks him if he has told Lynn about her windfall.
Kevin says that he hasn't and leaves. Beryl looks worried.
At Toorak, Patricia arrives home looking drunk. Stephen asks her why she is so late. Patricia explains
that after seeing Beryl, she went to see her sister Margaret in prison. She adds that Margaret refused
to see her, which was downright degrading. Patricia continues that she was made to look a fool at the
Palmer house, and that Beryl would have given him the money if he had begged her. Stephen tells her to
shut up, and that she is going to be civil to everyone tomorrow at the funeral. Patricia tells him she isn't
going to Dee's funeral - she didn't like the woman and isn't a hypocrite. Stephen tells her that if she
forgets about the money, they have a chance of being a perfectly normal couple. If she continues as she
is doing, they'll lose what little they have left. Stephen adds that she either accepts that or she doesn't.....

CORNELIA FRANCES (as Barbara Hamilton), BRIAN BLAIN (Gordon Hamilton),
MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer),
LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer)

Written by DON BATTYE
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 18th August 2002

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