I won't feel comfortable.Make an effort.Wayne makes the offer.
Later, Amanda tells Wayne that she is going out onto the veranda to read. Wayne tells her she should be
getting ready for the funeral. Amanda tells him she isn't looking forward to it - she did love Dee. Wayne
tells her he wants her ready early, as he wants to pick up Beryl Palmer and give her a lift to the funeral.
Amanda complains that she feels uncomfortable around Beryl, but Wayne tells her she'll have to make an
effort - he wants to be pleasant to her.
At the Palmer house, Beryl is ready to go. She tells David that he should come to the funeral, but David
says he didn't like Dee. He'll drop her off there but won't stop. David tells her that she'd better get in
touch with a solicitor about handling her share of the business. Beryl tells him that she can learn herself
and David is amused. As they are leaving, Wayne turns up and offers Beryl a lift. David points out to his
wife that she would be travelling in a Rolls Royce. Wayne tells Beryl that Amanda is really down, and asks
if she can give her some moral support. Beryl agrees and Wayne returns to the car. David warns Beryl to
be careful of Wayne.

You put on quite an act!Amanda is curious.We'll rip them off!
After the funeral, Amanda and Wayne return to Toorak. Wayne remarks that Stephen and Patricia didn't
seem too upset. Amanda tells him that her father doesn't like to show his emotions. Wayne tells her that
she put on quite an act for Beryl. Amanda is annoyed and tells him she wasn't putting on an act for Beryl
or anyone else. They go into the living room. Wayne tells his wife that the game isn't over yet. They have
four months to conceive their son, but there's no guarantee it will actually happen. Amanda asks him what
they can do about it. Wayne tells her that Beryl and Margaret have done nothing to deserve their share of
the money, and they are going to rip them off for as much as they can. Amanda asks him how. Wayne tells
her that, as long as they get Beryl on side, there are plenty of legal ways to do it. He tells Amanda to
leave it to him.....

IAN RAWLINGS (as Wayne Morrell), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer),

Written by RAY KOLLE
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 18th August 2002

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