Gordon arrives.He's a nice bloke!Amanda feels guilty.Stephen asks her to reconsider.Pat fixes up a dinner date.
Gordon arrives at the Palmer house and asks Beryl if she is looking forward to her first business meeting.
He explains that it will be very boring - they have to work out who owns what and how they'll get along.
David asks if he can sit in, and Gordon says that will be fine. He tells Beryl that he is going to visit
Margaret the next day, and asks if she'd like to come along. David remarks that Margaret put him in
prison and they'll do her no favours.
At Toorak, Stephen tells his daughter she can still change her mind and come to live with him and Patricia.
Amanda says that she can't. Stephen tells her that, even though they don't see eye to eye, he'll always
love her. Amanda tells him she wishes that Dee had never died - she feels guilty about the money. In the
hall, Patricia calls Malcolm, Stephen's lawyer, and invites him for dinner at the Sydney apartment.
She tells him that her and Stephen are thinking of contesting the will and they want his advice. He agrees.

Kevin wants his job back.Unexpected!Patricia explains her actions.Stephen isn't happy.
At the Palmer house, Wayne has arrived and the meeting begins. Wayne tells the others that he knows
that the major shareholders have personal differences, but the company is in a healthy state. He adds
that they'll have to get along - if they don't, they might as well sell the company to someone else. They
agree to give it a go. Beryl asks Wayne if Kevin can have his old job back. Wayne looks surprised, but
tells Beryl that Kevin can start again the next day.
At the Sydney apartment, Stephen isn't happy that Patricia has invited Malcolm over for dinner. He tells
her that he doesn't want the will contested. Patricia tells Stephen that he isn't being very fair on her -
she was broke before and doesn't want to be again. She promises that if Malcolm says there is no hope
for them, she'll drop the subject.

Malcolm enjoyed dinner.Amanda is pissed.Is it Malcolm - or Max?Stephen wants to keep a secret.
Malcolm arrives. Patricia lets him in and then disappears into the kitchen. Stephen tells him that Patricia
wants the will contested, not him. Malcolm tells him he understands why, and asks if Patricia knows the
full story. Stephen tells him that he'd rather she didn't. Malcolm remarks that it looks like he's in for an
evening of pussyfooting. Later, after dinner, Malcolm tells Patricia that if she wants to contest the will
she'll be fighting an uphill battle as Dee did leave them something. He also says that they were both
supported generously by Dee while she was alive, so they can't say they weren't looked after. Malcolm
tells Patricia that if she contests, she'll be wasting what little money she has. Patricia is angry, but
agrees to drop the subject.
At Toorak, Amanda is sitting on the couch drinking. Wayne comes in and tells her it's time for bed. He
picks her up, but Amanda reaches for another drink. Wayne tells her that she doesn't need any more to
drink. She replies that she does, and Wayne walks off shaking his head. Amanda downs another drink.
At the apartment, Patricia is tired and goes to bed. Malcolm tells Stephen that he could challenge Dee's
will without any trouble, and he knows it. Stephen tells him that he made a decision twenty years ago,
and he's stuck to it. He adds that the last thing he wants to do is jeopardise his marriage, and if
Patricia found out the truth he'd lose her forever.....

BRIAN BLAIN (as Gordon Hamilton), LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer), THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer),
ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell), FRANCIS BELL (Malcolm Crosby)

Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 24th August 2002

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