Pat on the blower.Wayne runs into Kevin.Wayne warns Amanda.You're disgusting!Look after yourself!
The next morning, Patricia is on the phone to Charlie. She tells her she got the feeling that Stephen
and Malcolm were keeping something from her the previous night. Charlie tells her she is probably
imagining things. Patricia asks Charlie to come over and keep her company, and Charlie says she will.
Stephen isn't looking forward to his first day at work. Patricia tells him that a new job is a perfect way
to take his mind off all the doom and gloom.
At Toorak, Kevin meets Wayne in the hall. Kevin isn't happy that he's been kept waiting for half an hour.
Wayne tells him that he'll be with him in one minute - there's something he has to do.
Amanda emerges into her sitting room, looking the worse for wear. Wayne comes in and tells her she
looks like something the cat dragged in. He tells her that she can write herself off if she wants, but not
until she's had their kid. He tells her to start looking after herself, and that Kevin Palmer will be around
for quite a while - so they'd better not have any arguments. Wayne remarks that, when he's finished with
Kevin, even Beryl will be happy to give him the sack. Amanda tells Wayne he is disgusting.

Stephen is fed up.My wife doesn't understand.Patricia isn't happy about the guests.Patricia and Terry talk.Terry is annoyed.
Barbara arrives at Dural to find Stephen in the house. He tells his sister that he is fed up with all the
backstabbing in the business world, and that Patricia doesn't understand how he feels.
Charlie arrives at the apartment with Terry Hansen and Lisa Cook. Patricia is taken aback. At the bar,
she tells Charlie she wanted her to cheer her up - now she's entertaining a blind man and his girlfriend!
Charlie tells her that Terry is Fiona's long lost son, and Lisa is very keen on John. Patricia tells her that
she's heard enough gossip and backbiting lately to last her a lifetime. She adds that she'll be polite to
them both, but that's it. Charlie shows Lisa around the rest of the flat, and Patricia and Terry get
talking. Terry asks her if she knows Fiona well and Patricia tells him she does, but they're not exactly
the best of friends. She adds that it was very bad that Fiona was told that he had died, and that her
lifestyle couldn't have helped. Terry asks what she is talking about, but Patricia tells him it wasn't
important. Terry insists she tells him what she meant. Patricia tells him that Fiona was a prostitute.
Terry looks disgusted.

That was naughty!Helen  - it's me, Stephen.We're going to Woombai.Fiona's on the warpath.
Later, Charlie tells Patricia that it was very naughty of her. Patricia remarks that she thought Terry
already knew about Fiona's past. She adds that she talked herself into a corner, and there was nothing
she could do about it. Charlie is sceptical, and tells Patricia that she isn't going to be Fiona Thompson's
number one person. Patricia asks her what's new.
At Dural, Stephen tells Barbara that he's leaving, but wants to make a call first. Barbara leaves the living
room and Stephen gets on the phone. A woman called Helen answers. Stephen asks her if they can meet
but she refuses. She tells him that he doesn't need her, and she doesn't need him. She hangs up.
At the apartment, Stephen arrives just as Charlie is leaving. He tells Patricia that he wants a holiday
away from the city, and the two of them are going to spend the next two weeks at Woombai. Patricia
asks if he is joking, as she hates the place. Stephen tells her that she is coming with him. He adds that
if he is going back into the dog-eat-dog world of business, it's about time she stopped thinking about
what she wants and started thinking about what he needs.
Later, Stephen congratulates his wife on a wonderful lunch. There is a knock at the door and Patricia
answers it. Fiona is there. She comes in and slaps Patricia around the face, telling her that she's
interfered in her life just once too often.....

ROWENA WALLACE (as Patricia Morrell), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer),
ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton),
SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett), ANDREW CLARKE (Terry Hansen), PAT McDONALD (Fiona Thompson)

Written by BILL SEARLE
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 24th August 2002

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