Beryl is sweet-talked.Wayne invites Beryl to a convention.Charlie gives advice.Stephen agrees.Patricia bends Matt's ear.
At Toorak, Wayne and Beryl have just finished looking though some business papers. Wayne tells her that
she has made a very good start. Beryl tells Wayne that she wonders what some of his business associates
think about a housewife becoming a director in the company. Wayne tells her most of them already know,
and are looking forward to meeting her. He invites her to a business convention that evening and, after a
bit of deliberating, Beryl agrees to go with him.
Charlie arrives back at Woombai from shopping and asks where Patricia is. Stephen tells her that she's
gone back to Sydney because she wasn't too happy about the job offer. Stephen goes off to pack, as he
wants to get after Patricia. Fiona tells Charlie that Patricia got a lift back to Sydney with Matt Kennedy.
Charlie catches Stephen up and tells him not to go rushing after Patricia. She explains that she has known
Patricia for years, and probably knows her better than anyone - including him. She tells him the best thing
he can do is wait until the next day until she's calmed down. Stephen agrees, and tells Charlie he'll go
down to Sydney today and stay with Barbara. Charlie tells him that she'll keep him company during the
five-hour drive.
Matt Kennedy is driving Patricia along in his car. Patricia is bending his ear about Stephen, Dee, Andy
and the will. She apologises, but Matt tells her it's best to get it out of her system and he's used to
listening anyway.

Barbara phones Fiona.Fiona tells her the good news.Wayne reveals his plan.Amanda is concerned.Matt apologises.
Barbara phones Fiona at Woombai. Fiona tells her that Stephen and Patricia have had a fight, and Patricia
has left him. Fiona adds that it was nothing to do with her - all she did was offer Stephen a job. She tells
Barbara that Patricia left with Matt Kennedy and that Stephen is on his way over to see her. Barbara tells
her she'll have to put on the big sister act and get the scotch out. Once off the phone, Barbara tells
Gordon the 'good' news!
At Toorak, Wayne is all dressed up for the convention. Amanda complains that he should have invited her,
but Wayne tells her he is just starting to win Beryl over and this is the next step. He adds that tomorrow
Beryl will give him her Power Of Attorney. When Amanda asks how he'll manage that, Wayne tells her that
he has three contracts for her to sign. Once Beryl has read the contracts she'll sign them, plus three
copies. But one won't be a copy - he'll slip in the Power Of Attorney certificate and she'll be none the
wiser. Amanda looks concerned.
Patricia and Matt arrive back at the Sydney apartment. Matt tells her that last time they were there
they had an argument about Angela, and he thought she was a very tough lady. He apologises for
misjudging her and leaves to fetch them something to eat.

Stephen arrives at Dural.Pat on the phone.Andy asks if he can help.Keep a low profile!Wayne is upset about Rosie.
At Dural, Stephen has arrived. Barbara tells him he can stay and asks him if Patricia was carrying on.
Stephen tells her he brought the row on himself, and it's up to him to sort it out. He adds that he is
going to take the job he was offered in Sydney and try to win Patricia back. He tells Barbara that he
needs a drink - he's spent the last five hours trapped in a car with Charlie. In the living room, Barbara
tells Gordon that Stephen is still in love with Patricia.
At the apartment, Patricia and Matt are eating a Chinese meal. Matt tells her he'd better be leaving.
Patricia asks him if he's not going to chase her around the bedroom, but Matt tells her he knows when
he's beaten - it's obvious she loves Stephen very much. Patricia tells him she does. Matt leaves, and
Patricia thanks him for not making the night awkward.
The next morning, Charlie arrives at the apartment. She starts looking about and Patricia tells her that
Matt is NOT there. Charlie tells her that Stephen is staying with Barbara, and is coming to see her
later that morning to patch things up. The phone rings and it is Andy. Patricia tells him that Stephen
is staying with his sister and gives him the number. Once off the phone, Patricia realises who the caller
was. She tells Charlie that Stephen has a twenty year-old son, and she's sure it was him.
Stephen meets Andy in the street. He tells Andy that Patricia walked out on him. Andy asks if there
is anything he can do. Stephen tells him he'll have to keep a low profile for the moment. He adds that
phoning him at Barbara's was risky - she doesn't know about him yet.
At Toorak, Wayne is upset about meeting Rosie the previous night, and can't forget the look on her
face. He adds that she mustn't find out about their trick on Beryl. Amanda tells him not to do it then,
and suggests that he calls Rosie up. Wayne tells her it's too late and seeing as he has such a bad name,
he might as well live up to it.

Stephen is wasting his time.Watch what you're signing!Amanda is nervous.He has everything he needs!
Stephen has arrived at the apartment. He tells Patricia that if she doesn't want to get back together
with him, she can stay at the apartment. He tells her that he loves her, and asks what he has to do to
convince her of that. Patricia tells him to use his son to get the money that is rightfully theirs. Stephen
asks her if she means she wants Andy to contest the will and she says yes. Stephen tells her that he is
not going to get Andy involved in a public slanging match. He adds that Andy would refuse anyway, as
he's not interested in money. Patricia tells Stephen that, until he makes Andy change his mind, she's
not interested in being his wife.
At Toorak, Wayne and Amanda are in the living room with Beryl. Wayne tells Beryl that she has to sign
three contracts and copies, then Amanda will witness them. Beryl apologises for taking so long to read
them. When she has finished, Wayne tells her to sign them. One of the copies is missing, so Wayne goes
to get it from the table. He picks up the Power Of Attorney certificate and puts it with the copies.
Amanda looks really nervous as Wayne hands Beryl the papers and she signs them all. Beryl asks him if
there is anything else he needs her to do. Wayne smiles and tells her he has everything he needs.....

LEILA HAYES (as Beryl Palmer), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell), SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett),
MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), VINCE MARTIN (Matt Kennedy), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), PAT McDONALD (Fiona Thompson),
ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell), DANNY ROBERTS (Andrew Green)

Written by PETER PINNE
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 1st September 2002

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