Wayne welcomes Margaret.Back together.What's this?Margaret warns Wayne.
Patricia tells Andy she didn't think he'd be so quick to agree. Andy tells her that Stephen's had a rough
time from her lately over the will, and he deserves a break. Patricia is delighted and asks Andy over to
the apartment. Andy tells her he needs to set up for a gig, but will be over in a couple of hours.
Wayne and Margaret Dunne arrive at Toorak. Wayne tells her that they have had their problems, but he
really does want to help her. They go inside the house, and Margaret is impressed with the way it has
been decorated. Wayne tells her to drop her case off upstairs, and then they'll have a chat about the
business. On her way up, Margaret stops and looks disapprovingly at Wayne.
At the apartment, Patricia and Stephen are hugging. Stephen tells her that they can't forget what has
happened between them. Patricia tells him the most important thing is they're together again. She adds
that Andy isn't interested in the money for himself - he's more concerned about him. There is a knock
on the door and the pair go to answer it.
At Toorak, Wayne gives Margaret some papers and tells her he needs her signature on them. Margaret
looks through them and finds a Power Of Attorney certificate in there. She tells Wayne that he hasn't
changed - he's still the same greedy little liar he always was. She warns him that where she's been,
they fight harder than him. So if he thinks he can pull a fast one on her, he's got a fight on his hands,
which he won't win.

Andy agrees to help.Don't mess!Patricia gloats.Gordon confronts his son.
At the apartment, Andy tells Stephen and Patricia that he'd like to help them and he's grateful they didn't
involve him earlier. Stephen tells him he's still not sure, but Andy tells him he wants to do it. Andy adds
that he doesn't want any of the money - they can have it all. Patricia tells him they'd better get the ball
rolling or there won't be any money left. Stephen and Andy go into the study to call Stephen's solicitor.
At Toorak, Wayne tells Margaret she can't blame him for wanting to rip her off - she's got no right to
the money. Margaret tells him to keep his money and she'll keep hers, and hopefully they won't have to
see each other. Patricia phones and gleefully informs Wayne that Stephen's son has arrived on the scene.
Wayne tells her to pull the other one, but Patricia says she isn't joking. She jokes that he seems to be
having a rough time of it lately - first Amanda leaving and now this. Patricia adds that it seems he's just
not meant to be wealthy. After Patricia says goodbye, Wayne tells Margaret that they are going to need
each other's help.
At the apartment, Andy leaves and tells Stephen he'll be back tomorrow morning with a copy of his birth
certificate. Patricia looks happy.
At Toorak, Wayne tells Margaret that if Patricia is telling the truth, the money could be frozen for up
to two years. He asks Margaret if she has any ideas. Margaret tells him maybe, but she doesn't know
whether she can trust him or not. Wayne tells her they are in it together now. Margaret tells him they can
work together, but he'd better not try anything or he'll be sorry. She tells him that she is going to phone
Gordon and ask him over. She then tells Wayne that, when Gordon arrives, he is going to give a performance.
Later, Gordon is at Toorak. Margaret tells him that Wayne kept shouting at her and telling her she didn't deserve
any of the money, and she can't take any more. Gordon tells her that she is coming back to Dural with him.

I'll call you!Wayne looking smug.Welcome home!Gordon tells Amanda about the will.
Later, after Margaret has packed, she tells Wayne she'll call him if anything develops. She adds that,
hopefully by the time she's finished, they'll drop any plans about contesting the will. She leaves with
Gordon and Wayne stands at the top of the stairs, looking smug.
The next morning at the apartment, Patricia is having a late breakfast. She tells Stephen she's glad he
stayed over the previous night. Patricia tells him that if he goes back to Dural to collect his things, she'll
be waiting for him. They kiss and Patricia welcomes Stephen home.
At Dural, Amanda is also having a late breakfast. She asks Gordon how Margaret is. Gordon tells her that
she's a bit shaky, but she'll be all right. Amanda tells him that visiting prison was one of the worst
experiences of her life, so she will help Margaret in any way she can. She tells Gordon that she's heard
about Wayne trying to rip off Margaret, and also about the will being contested. Gordon tells her that
every penny involved will be frozen for two years, so Wayne might as well throw away the Power Of
Attorney he got Beryl to sign - it's no use to him now.

Amanda is pleased.Andy delivers bad news.Uh-oh!Margaret appears.
Andy arrives at the apartment and tells Patricia that he thinks they have troubles. He explains that
on his birth certificate, his father is listed as unknown. Patricia looks shocked.
At Dural, Gordon tells Stephen that he's pleased for him. Stephen thanks Gordon for putting up with him,
and Gordon tells him he was one of the easier house guests. He tells Stephen that Andy contesting the
will will cause problems for Margaret Dunne - she's a very sad woman at the moment and is counting
on the money to set her on her feet again. Gordon explains that he hasn't had the heart to tell her yet,
and she really is quite pathetic at the moment. Then Margaret comes down the stairs, looking very smart.
She asks Gordon if he is going to introduce her to the man who finally managed to tame Patricia.
Stephen looks at Gordon in surprise.....

ILONA RODGERS (as Margaret Dunne), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), DANNY ROBERTS (Andrew Green), BRIAN BLAIN (Gordon Hamilton),
ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell)

Written by DON BATTYE
Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 8th September 2002

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