Charlie isn't happy.I don't believe you!Wayne fills Beryl in.Beryl arranges to meet Wayne.
At Dural, there is a knock on the front door. Margaret answers it and it's Charlie. She is angry with
Margaret for telling Stephen that Patricia and Matt are away together. Margaret tells her she never said
anything until Stephen told her he'd seen them together. Charlie tells her that she's only made things
worse, and hasn't helped Patricia. Margaret shouts that she doesn't give a damn about Patricia. She then
tells Charlie that she just lost her temper and is sorry. Charlie doesn't believe her and, after leaving a
note by the phone for Gordon and Barbara, leaves. Margaret is angry with herself.
At Woombai, Beryl is on the phone to Wayne. She thanks him for filling her in on what's happening. Wayne
remarks that they are business partners. Beryl asks him how long he's in Sydney, and Wayne says a couple
of days. Beryl tells him that, with the money going through in about a week, they should sit down and talk
about a few things. They agree to meet at the apartment at lunchtime the next day.

I'll get Wayne.What about the price?Beryl - is she being conned?Margaret can't wait for her money.
At the Palmer house, Kevin is on the phone to David. After he hangs up, he tells Lynn that Beryl is going
to Sydney to see Wayne. Kevin tells his wife that, now he has proof about Beryl's Power Of Attorney -
the receipt for the safety deposit box - he is going to confront Wayne with it. He tells Lynn that he is
going to fly to Sydney. Lynn tells him it is expensive but Kevin replies a couple of hundred bucks is
nothing compared to what's at stake.
Wayne and Margaret are at the apartment. Outside it is pouring with rain. Margaret is thrilled about the
money and tells Wayne that for the first time in her life, she's going to be calling the shots. She tells
Wayne that she made a mistake with Charlie - she lost her temper with her and said some things she
shouldn't have. She adds that it doesn't matter, as Charlie is going down to Melbourne to launch a
fashion collection.

Beryl meets Margaret.Gutted!Same handwriting!Kevin the accuser.
There is a knock on the door. Wayne tells Margaret it will be Beryl. Margaret tells him she didn't know
Beryl was coming. Wayne tells her he didn't think it was important. Beryl comes in, quite wet, and isn't
too pleased to see Margaret. Margaret tells her she is sorry for what she put David and the family
through. Beryl tells her it wasn't all her fault, but Margaret replies that most of it was. After she leaves,
Wayne tells Beryl that Margaret is a bit uptight at the moment - she doesn't know what to do with her
share of the money. Beryl tells him that's what she came to talk about - she's giving her share away to
charity. Wayne looks gutted.
Margaret arrives back at Dural and notices a letter by the phone for Stephen Morrell. She realises the
writing on the front is the same as on the note for Gordon and Barbara, so she opens it. It is from Charlie
and reads, "Dear Stephen. As I'm leaving for Melbourne this morning, I came over hoping to talk to you.
When you weren't home, I left this note with Amanda. I just want to warn you. I was talking to Margaret
yesterday and I think Patricia's probably right - she's not as helpless as she seems. If anything, I'd say
she's ruthless and very devious, so watch her and be careful. Love Charlie." Margaret screws the letter
up and puts it in her bag.
At the apartment, Wayne is trying to talk Beryl out of giving all her money away to charity. There is a
knock on the door. Wayne answers it and Kevin, looking very wet, barges in. He explains to Beryl that
he has a receipt for a safety deposit box which is dated the same day Gordon accused Wayne of tricking
Beryl into signing the Power Of Attorney. Wayne scoffs, but Kevin tells him if it isn't true all he has to
do is go down to Melbourne with them and open the box. He asks if he is prepared to do that. Beryl looks
at Wayne, who looks very uncomfortable.....

ILONA RODGERS (as Margaret Dunne), SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell),
LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer), STEPHEN COMEY (Kevin Palmer), ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer)

Written by PETER PINNE
Directed by MARK PIPER
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 28th September 2002

358 360