Open the box!Wayne grudgingly agrees.Watch out - Babs is about!Amanda argues.
Wayne tells Kevin that the fact he went through his personal papers shows a breach of trust. Kevin tells
him not to try and talk his way out of it. He adds that if it isn't true, why doesn't Wayne just say so.
Wayne agrees to meet them at the bank in the morning to open the safety deposit box, but he doesn't look
too happy about it.
Later, Wayne arrives back at Toorak. He opens his briefcase and takes out the Power Of Attorney,
signed by Beryl. He smiles to himself.
At Dural, Amanda joins her father at the breakfast table. She asks him if he got Charlie's letter. Stephen
asks her what letter. She explains that just before Charlie left, she gave her a personal letter to him,
which she left on the hall table. Stephen tells her he didn't see it. Barbara comes in. She is in a bad mood
and tells the pair she wants to clear the table. Barbara tells them that she cleared all the mail out earlier
and threw most of it away because it was junk. Amanda tells her there was a letter there for 'daddy'.
Barbara snaps that she's not stupid, and Amanda counters that she's probably thrown it away. Stephen
tells them it probably wasn't important anyway. Barbara leaves in a huff. Stephen tells Amanda that
Barbara likes her privacy, and lately she's been saddled with too many stray dogs. Amanda tells him
they'll be out of her hair soon enough. Stephen tells her that he and Margaret will be, but he thought
she was staying on. Amanda tells him she probably will, and Stephen goes to see Barbara.

You should have told me.I had an affair with Helen too!Andy is confused.You were so sure!
Barbara is in the study when Stephen comes in. He asks her if she's gunning for anyone particular, and
Barbara tells him that everyone's getting on her nerves at the moment. Stephen tells her he thinks he
knows what the problem is. Barbara asks him what. Stephen tells her that he knows who Andy's father
is. He adds that it would make sense for Helen not telling Andy, and her reaction to him. He tells her
that Roland was Andy's father. Barbara tells him it's a ridiculous idea, but then gets tearful. Stephen
tells her she should have told him. Barbara starts crying, and says that she thought Roland was the most
decent and honest man she'd ever met. She adds that she feels betrayed. Stephen tells her that he had
an affair with Helen too - there was a mystique about her, but it didn't mean he didn't love Caroline any
less. He tells Barbara that they should tell Andy - he has a right to know who his father is. Barbara tells
him that she doesn't want anybody to know, and that she doesn't want to see Andy again. She tells her
brother that, if he has any feeling for her at all, he'll do as she asks. She goes to leave, asking Stephen
to help her out.
Later, Andy arrives and Barbara lets him in. She tells him that Amanda is upstairs and she'll get her for
him. Stephen comes out of the study and tells Andy that he wants a word with him first. Barbara warns
her brother and Andy asks what's going on. He goes into the study with Stephen, and Barbara looks furious.

She's angry!I fell for it!That's great news!Barbara is furious.
Beryl, Kevin and Lynn arrive back at the Palmer house. Kevin tells his wife that Wayne met them at the
bank and opened the safety deposit box, and all that was inside were a few of his private papers. Beryl
tells Kevin he managed to make prize idiots out of both of them. She is furious, and tells Kevin she
doesn't know how she's going to face Wayne again. She adds that he didn't even have the grace to
apologise to Wayne, and he should make sure he does the next time Wayne comes round. Kevin tells her
that Wayne has really pulled the wool over her eyes. Beryl tells him that Wayne has always been very
pleasant and helpful to her, and she doesn't want to hear another word from him. She says she's amazed
that Wayne didn't insist he was sacked, because she couldn't have gone against him if he had. She
leaves. Lynn tells Kevin that maybe it was all an act. Kevin realises that it was probably a set up from the
start, and he fell for it. He adds that Wayne gave him the key, left the receipt lying around and gave
him time to snoop - and he fell for it hook, line and sinker. Lynn tells him that Beryl is giving all her money
away - Wayne won't be able to get his hands on it. Kevin tells her that Wayne isn't going to let that much
money slip though his hands.
At Dural, Amanda joins Andy in the living room. Andy is looking very thoughtful. He tells Amanda that
Stephen told him who his father was - Barbara's first husband. When Amanda hears that Barbara knows,
she goes to the phone and explains to Andy that Wayne was holding that over her to make her go back to
him. She dials Wayne's number, but is disappointed to find it engaged.

Kevin asks a favour.Amanda can't help.Why?He'll be sorry!
At Toorak, Wayne is in the phone to a man called Don. He tells him he hopes he hasn't forgotten about
their talk last week, about the employee he wants to get rid of. The man tells him he's been looking into
it, and by the end of the week he should have his problems sorted out. Wayne thanks him, and hangs up.
At Dural, Barbara goes into the study to see Stephen. She asks him if he told Andy. Stephen tells her
he did. Barbara moans that her feelings don't come into it. She tells Stephen that every time she sees
Andy she can see Roland, and she almost hates him. She adds that she wants Andy out of the house, and
she could say the same thing to him. Stephen tells her that he doesn't want it to spoil things between them.
Barbara tells him he should have thought of that before he told him. She adds that she'll never forgive
him for that.
In the living room, Amanda is talking on the phone to Kevin. Kevin explains to her what happened about the
Power Of Attorney, and asks if there is anything she could do to show Wayne up for what he really is.
Amanda tells him that, if there was, she'd have used it by now. She tells Kevin to keep in touch and hangs
up. She tells Andy that Wayne is so slimy he could wriggle out of anything. Andy tells her she doesn't have
to be involved with him any more. Amanda thinks for a while, and tells Andy that she could pretend to go
along with Wayne's deal and move back in with him. Andy asks her why she'd want to do that. Amanda tells
him that Wayne deserves to be paid back for everything he's done to her, Barbara and Stephen. Andy tells
her she's getting a bit heavy. Amanda continues that she'll go along with Wayne's deal. He'll think he's got
her where he wants her, and then she'll get him. She says that he'll be sorry he ever met her.....

STEPHEN COMEY (as Kevin Palmer), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
DANNY ROBERTS (Andrew Green), ANTONIA MURPHY (Lynn Palmer), LEILA HAYES (Beryl Palmer)

Written by RAY KOLLE
Directed by MARK PIPER
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 29th September 2002

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