Charlie interrupts.Jill comes up with a plan.You just do this.Stephen, darling!
Late in the evening, Charlie arrives at Toorak. She explains that she's trying to put on a fashion show,
and everything is going wrong. Charlie notices the nice meal laid out on the table and asks if she's
interrupting anything. Wayne tells her she isn't if she keeps it short. Charlie explains that the PR man she
has for the fashion launch is awful, and she needs someone to step in and get things moving. She asks
Wayne if he knows anyone. Wayne tells her, if anyone comes to mind, he'll let her know. Charlie leaves.
At Woombai, Stephen and Fiona are looking through the books. They agree it doesn't look good. Stephen
tells her they need to come up with something to let the public know they're there, and soon. Jill comes
in and suggests tying themselves in with the Country Race Meeting, which is coming up soon. Stephen and
Fiona tell her it's a good idea.
At reception, Margaret asks the receptionist if Stephen is around, and is told that he is with Fiona. The
receptionist gets Margaret a brandy and Stephen comes in. Margaret asks him to join her, but Stephen
decides to turn in. Margaret looks disappointed and downs her drink. The receptionist asks if she wants
another one, but Margaret says no. When the girl insists, Margaret bites her head off.
Patricia arrives at work and her boss, Mr. Brennan, introduces her to his secretary Kylie. He shows her
to her switchboard and gives her a list of internal phone numbers. Mr. Brennan tells Patricia the job is
quite straightforward and leaves her to it. Patricia tells Kylie that she has worked on switch before, but
wouldn't mind a quick refresher. Kylie comes over and starts rattling off instructions, but Patricia looks
totally confused. Kylie tells her not to make any personal calls - all the lines must be kept clear.

Stephen is told the idea.Robin is forewarned!Fiona suggests Terry.Jill is offered a job.
At the riding school reception, a call arrives for Stephen. It is Charlie, who tells him that Wayne has
come up with a great PR man called Robin Elliott. She explains that Robin has come up with a brilliant idea
to launch the fashion collection at Woombai. Stephen tells her that it would be different. Charlie tells him
it would be the event of the year, and he must agree to it.
At Toorak, Wayne is sitting in the living room with Robin Elliott. Robin thanks him for putting the work his
way. Wayne warns him about Charlie - once she gets her hands on a man she doesn't let go. Robin tells
him he'll have to keep her at arms length. Charlie comes in and tells them that Stephen thinks it's a great
idea. Robin tells her they'll have to move everything up to Sydney, and Charlie tells him he'll have to stay
with her. Robin tells her Wayne should be able to find him something, and puts his hand on Wayne's leg.
Charlie gives him a funny look.
At Woombai, Fiona and Jill are delighted about the fashion launch idea. Fiona tells Stephen that he'll
have so much work, he'll have to hire an assistant. Stephen tells her he'll have to advertise for one. Fiona
suggests offering Terry the job, but Stephen tells her they'll have to give everyone a chance to apply for
the job. David rings his bell upstairs and Fiona goes to see what he wants. Jill tells Stephen she's sick of
sitting around doing nothing. He tells her that there's plenty to do in the office if she's looking for work.
Jill is pleased, and the pair go off to get started.

Trouble at work for Pat.Copier horror!Margaret's help isn't needed.Charlie's on the line!
Patricia is having a lot of trouble at work with the switchboard. She is continually losing calls, and Kylie
isn't helping by constantly chatting in the background. Mr. Brennan comes out and asks Patricia if she
found his call. Patricia says no, but he'll probably ring back. Brennan gives her some papers and asks for
five copies of each as quickly as possible. Kylie tells her the print room is one floor down at the end of
the corridor, and asks if she knows how to use a copier. Patricia says yes, as long as it's not too
complicated. When Patricia walks into the print room, she's confronted with a massive machine with
dozens of controls!
In reception, Stephen tells Margaret about the fashion show launch. Margaret asks if there's anything she
can do to help. Stephen tells her he'll manage okay, and she's supposed to be on holiday. He leaves and
Margaret looks a bit put out. The receptionist tells Margaret that lunch is ready, but Margaret doesn't
feel hungry and decides to go for a walk.
Patricia arrives back from lunch a bit late, and Kylie tells her that she told Brennan she was powdering
her nose. She tells Patricia that she can tell she has never had an office job before, but she'll pick it up.
The phone rings and Patricia answers it. It is Charlie, who is dying to tell her all the news. Patricia tells
her she'll have to ring her back, as they aren't allowed to have personal calls. Charlie ignores her and
carries on talking.

Patricia gets the bullet.Thanks Charlie!What's the hot water like?Patricia laughs.
Brennan comes out from his office and stands behind Patricia, asking if he can have a word with her.
Patricia hangs up and Brennan tells Kylie to make him a cup of tea. Brennan tells Patricia that it's obvious
she's not as experienced as her letter suggested. He tells her he wants an experienced receptionist, and
he'll have to let her go.

Charlie and Robin are at the Sydney apartment when Patricia arrives. She isn't happy and thanks Charlie
for losing her her job. Charlie tells her she could get a much better job anyway. She introduces her to
Robin, who makes them all Martinis. Charlie has an idea and tells Patricia that she could be Robin's
assistant. Robin says that they won't be that busy, but Charlie stares at him and tells him that it's HER
money and they're going to be busy! Patricia tells her that she isn't going to accept handouts. Charlie
goes out to get some olives for the Martinis. Robin tells Patricia he's just started renting the apartment
and asks what the hot water's like. Patricia tells him not to use too much soap!

IAN RAWLINGS (as Wayne Morrell), SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell),
KIM LEWIS (Jill O'Donnell), PAT McDONALD (Fiona Thompson), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
MAGGIE LYNCH (Kylie Corcoran), SCOTT McGREGOR (Robin Elliott), ILONA RODGERS (Margaret Dunne),
MAX ROWLEY (Brennan)

Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 12th October 2002

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