Robin's not happy.Charlie is annoyed.Robin apologises.I'll stand in!
Later, Charlie tells Robin she's convinced the editor of Woman's Life to do an article on him. Robin isn't
pleased and tells Charlie that no one's interested in reading about him. He tells Charlie he wants her to
ring back and cancel the interview. Charlie tells him he's being very unreasonable, so Robin says he'll
do it himself. Charlie sneers at him and tells him she'll phone her tomorrow. She and Patricia leave, and
she acts very stand-offish with Robin. Outside, Charlie tells Patricia she has a good mind to fire him.
The next morning, Robin apologises to Charlie and she tells him not to worry about it - he wouldn't have
time for it now. She tells him they have to work out what they are going to do without Lisa - she's broken
her leg water-skiing. Robin goes to phone a replacement, but Charlie says that she'll stand in for Lisa.
She leaves to get her hair done.

Robin phones Patricia.Patricia listens to the offer.Charlie is surprised.John digs at Terry.
Robin gets on the phone and calls Patricia. He tells her if she's interested in getting into PR, he can
swing it for her. Later, Patricia is at the apartment with him. He tells her that if she can fill in for Lisa
and do a good job, he'll see that other doors are opened for her. Robin explains that Charlie thinks she
can stand in for Lisa, and he doesn't want to get on her wrong side. He tells Patricia that if she tells
Charlie she's changed her mind, Charlie can't go back on her original offer. He adds that he'll line up
a newspaper interview for Charlie, so she won't be tempted to join them. Patricia tells Robin she can't
go back to Woombai as her ex- husband manages the place. Robin manages to talk Patricia into
accepting the offer.
Charlie arrives back at the apartment, and Patricia tells her that she's decided to accept her job offer.
Charlie is surprised. Robin tells her that he's organised a newspaper interview for her at four o'clock
that afternoon, and Charlie is pleased. Patricia tells Robin that she'll go home and pack. Robin tells her
that he'll phone Stephen to tell him she's coming. Patricia tells him not to - Stephen is too much of a
gentleman to throw her off the property. She tells Charlie that she wouldn't raise an eyebrow if Stephen
ran off with Margaret tomorrow.
At the riding school, Stephen has just finished an interview with a candidate for the job of his assistant.
When the man leaves, he tells Jill that he hasn't found anyone suitable yet. He adds that it looks like it's
between Terry and John. Stephen goes outside, where John and Terry are having a dig at each other.

John's blown it.A surprise arrival.Stephen puts the record straight.Patricia is intrigued.
Stephen goes back inside and tells Jill he wants to speak to Alan Pascoe. Jill tells him that John and Terry
have been having a running battle for months. Stephen tells her that John seemed to be the one pushing it.
Later, Stephen tells Terry that he needs someone who can handle the paperwork. Terry tells him not to
worry - he wouldn't know a balance sheet if he fell over it. He goes outside and tells John to go in. John
is very confident that he'll get the job. Later, Stephen has told John that he hasn't got the job. John tells
him that how he gets on with Terry shouldn't come into it. Stephen tells him that Alan Pascoe gave him a
bad report and said that he doesn't know how to handle the men. Stephen adds that he can't see Terry
taking orders from him, and Terry is too good to lose. John asks him if he means he can't sack Terry
because he is the boss's son. Stephen tells him that remark sums up why he's wrong for the job. John walks
out. Stephen asks Jill if she minds staying on until they find someone. She says she doesn't mind.
Patricia and Robin arrive at Woombai and walk into reception, where Stephen is doing some accounts.
Robin introduces himself and tells Stephen that Patricia is there to help him. He goes outside to get the
bags. Stephen tells Patricia that if she thinks being there will change the way he feels.... Patricia tells him
she's there to work, nothing else. She tells him that she'll stay out of his way if he stays out of hers. She
adds that Margaret is welcome to him. Stephen tells Patricia that, if Margaret is interested in him, she's
got a funny way of showing it - he hasn't seen her for days. Patricia looks surprised. Stephen gives her
some room keys and she walks out.
Patricia walks back out to the car, where Robin is unloading the cases. Suddenly, she spots Margaret and
David walking in the distance. David stumbles and Margaret supports him, telling him they should go back.
Robin asks her what's so interesting about those two. Patricia tells him she's not sure - but she's going
to find out.....

SCOTT McGREGOR (as Robin Elliott), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett),
PETER PHELPS (John Palmer), MICHAEL LONG (Stephen Morrell), ANDREW CLARKE (Terry Hansen)

Directed by PHILIP EAST
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 12th October 2002

365 367