David has a warning.We've learnt a lot.Patricia is told.Luke lays it on the line.
A bit later, Patricia asks David what's wrong. David asks her if he has to spell it out. Patricia says all she
knows is they had a wonderful time. David says it brought up a lot of old memories, but they're not all
good ones. He says they've known each other too long to kid themselves - it'll need more than a good night
out and a few laughs to get back to square one. Patricia says there's no hurry - they should take it a step
at a time. David says he doesn't want them to hurt each other like they did once before. Patricia tells him
they've both learned a lot since then. David gives her a drink and says he's going to bed. He leaves and
Patricia looks disappointed.
The next morning, Patricia is reading the newspaper and tells Charlie it's unusual for her to be up before
twelve on a Sunday! Charlie tells her she's having lunch with that divine drummer she met last night. She
asks how it went with David. Charlie says she went to a lot of trouble to set up the nostalgia bit before
she went to bed, and will be very disappointed if nothing happened. David comes in and Patricia gives him
the papers, saying that Mike and Luke will be there soon and they have to start work. She adds they have
a lot of work to do if they want to land the Wilson account. David asks what the chances are, and she says
it's as good as theirs. Patricia says she'd love to see Karen Fox's face when she finds out - she'll be livid!
Charlie tells them they should take themselves off somewhere peaceful - they'd enjoy it. She leaves the
room, and Patricia says she's not up to Charlie today. David tells her she's up to working all day so she
can give Karen Fox one in the eye. Patricia says she deserves everything she gets. David says that's part
of what he was trying to say last night - she doesn't know how to play fair. He tells her she's supposed to
be in business but, the minute something doesn't go her way, she starts getting back at people. David says
he doesn't work like that, and doesn't like people who do.

We'll survive!Charlie wants details.I'm off to Sydney!Patricia's going along.
Later, Patricia is talking with Mike and Luke in the office. She tells them they've beaten Karen to the Wilson
account, and now have to prove they can handle an account that size - they shouldn't let personal feelings
get in the way of their efficiency. Mike and Luke tell her it's a bit of a turnabout. Patricia tells them that
if they spend their time gloating about what they're doing to the opposition, they're not doing their own
job properly. Mike agrees, but Luke says they're making a big mistake. He says there's one thing he's
learnt from his father, and it's how to be aggressive. Luke adds that if they don't put a stop to Karen
before she puts that company back on it's feet, she'll pull the rug out so fast from underneath them, they
won't know what's hit them. Patricia says they'll survive, and starts talking about what they have to do.
Luke complains that he gets ignored as usual. He says he hopes they're not expecting him to suggest
anything constructive on the account, because so far neither of them has trusted him with any of the
details. Patricia apologises and says maybe she should have told him. She goes to make some coffee.
Later, Patricia is helping Charlie put a scarf on, ready for her date with the drummer. Charlie asks how it
went with David last night. Patricia says she's going to need a little more time than anticipated, and a little
image building. She tells Charlie she's accepted an invitation to the laying of the foundation stone for
the children's home, then she's taking David to a German beer festival. David comes in and tells Patricia
he has to call tonight off- he's got a trucking job to Sydney and takes off that afternoon. Patricia asks
since when? David says he's just organised it - Irene's been having a rough time since Todd left and
he'd like to be around to help. He leaves and Patricia is angry. Charlie tells her to do something about it,
and leaves for her date.
A short time later, David tells Patricia he has to get going. Patricia asks if he can wait for her to throw a
few things in a suitcase - he'd like some company, wouldn't he? David asks her if she's serious and she
says of course - she needs to talk to Gordon. David asks her if she wouldn't rather fly. Patricia says of
course not - driving up with him would be fun. David asks if Mike and Luke can run things without her,
and Patricia says that now's the time to find out. She says she'll be packed in five minutes, and David smiles.

THOMAS RICHARDS (as David Palmer), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell),
PETER COUSENS (Luke Carlyle), SARAH KEMP (Charlie Bartlett)

Written by BETTY QUINN
Channel Five broadcast: Sunday 4th May 2003

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