Mitch offers to help.David is surprised.Patricia's enjoying it.Mitch says it with flowers.
Later, Gordon, Barbara, Fiona, Amanda and Mitch are sitting at the dining table eating. Mitch says the
first thing he has to do is line up a job. Amanda asks what sort of work he's looking for and Mitch says
anything - he can't be choosy in his position. Fiona tells him not to be so modest - he's a trained mechanic.
She adds that Terry has told her he's a good one as well. Mitch says that his record will make a difference.
Amanda tells Mitch to drop in and say hello if he's job hunting anywhere near her place. Barbara starts to
collect the dishes and Mitch gets up to help, saying he should pull his weight. Barbara tells him that guests
of hers don't work! Mitch asks where the sink is, and Barbara tells him the dishwasher's in the kitchen!
Mitch and Barbara go into the kitchen and Fiona remarks that he's trying. Gordon says he hopes someone
does give him a chance.
David's truck is parked in the country and he and Patricia have set up some chairs and a fire by the side
of it. David tells Patricia they're pretty close now - they should be in Sydney about ten. Patricia says
they're not in any hurry. David tells her he thought she wanted to get there as soon as possible. Patricia
says she's enjoying it, and that she hasn't hitched a ride from Melbourne to Sydney since she was
pregnant with the twins. David can't believe it. Patricia says she'd forgotten how lovely the country was -
you never see much from a plane. David says they must have been mad to hitch six hundred miles. Patricia
tells him they were young and in love. They smile at each other.
At the apartment, there is a knock on the door and Amanda answers it. Mitch is there and says she hopes
he didn't wake her. Amanda tells him she was being a lazy bones - she should have been up an hour ago.
Mitch gives Amanda a bunch of flowers and apologises for them being a bit knocked around - he dropped
them on the way over there. Amanda says they look lovely and smells them. Mitch tells her she was good to
him last night and he wanted to say thanks. Amanda says that now he's there he might as well stay for
coffee. She tells him to sit down and she'll get it going.

You've been nice!Amanda smiles.Any jobs for Mitch?Gordon has no vacancies.
A while later, Amanda is dressed and looks at the flowers. She tells Mitch he shouldn't have spent his money
on her - Fiona's the one who's put the roof over his head. Mitch says he thinks she's only helping out because
Terry asked her to. He tells Amanda she doesn't owe him a thing, but is still being nice. Amanda smiles and
Mitch says he'd better get down to the job shop. Amanda wishes him luck and tells him to call her and let her
know how he got on. She sees Mitch out, then goes to the phone and picks it up. She dials a number. At Dural,
the phone rings and Gordon answers it. Amanda tells him that Mitch is a nice guy and she thinks he deserves
a break. She asks if Gordon could find him a job in the company. Gordon says his mind's been ticking over
the same question, but there are no openings at the moment. He says if anything comes up, he'll let her know.
Amanda says she'll keep her fingers crossed, and says goodbye.
Gordon puts the phone down and there is a knock on the door. He opens it and is surprised to see David
and Patricia standing there. Patricia tells Gordon they've driven all the way up in the truck and she's dying
for a drink. Gordon invites them in and they go into the living room. Patricia tells Gordon she wants to
discuss their ridiculous business feud. Gordon gets them drinks and tells Patricia that Karen's away for
a few days. Patricia says that suits her. She says she was partly responsible for starting their company war,
but she thinks it's silly to continue it - if they give each other some elbow room, they can both make good
profits. Gordon says she doesn't need to tell him that. Patricia says that he needs to tell Karen - if it's
going to work, they've both got to put away the claws. She adds that if Gordon can convince Karen that
she's sincere, she'll probably be reasonable. Gordon tells her IF she's sincere, he's sure Karen will be
reasonable. Patricia raises her beer glass to better times.

Let's end the feud.Gordon agrees.I haven't spolit things!You have!
Later, Patricia and David arrive at the boarding house and meet Irene doing some gardening. David
introduces her to Patricia. David asks Irene if she's heard from Todd. Irene says no, and that Fiona is
in her flat going through some accounts - she'll fix them up with a cup of tea. Irene tells them she'll be
in in a few minutes. Patricia isn't too keen to see Fiona. David says it's up to her to show Fiona how much
she's changed - she can't do that without facing her. They go inside.
A short time later, David and Patricia are sitting in the flat. Fiona brings some more coffee in. David remarks
that Irene's taking a long time to empty her bucket. Fiona says she's probably decided to do the back stairs
as well - sometimes work is more preferable to pleasure, but it all depends on the company. The phone rings
and Fiona goes over to answer it. Patricia looks at David, who motions to her to keep her mouth zipped!
Fiona tells Patricia the call's for her, but she didn't recognise the voice. Patricia takes the phone. It is
Mike. She tells him to hang on, and asks what's happened. David and Fiona go into the kitchen. David asks
Fiona why she won't give Patricia a chance. Fiona tells him she gets her goat up. David says she's trying to
be nice, and it's not an act. Then they hear Patricia shout "You've got to be joking! To think I actually
offered that bitch the olive branch! How much did she undercut us by?" Fiona asks David what he was
saying? David tells Fiona to stay there and goes back into the living room. Patricia is furious and tells
him that Karen's swiped the Wilson account from under her nose - she must have found out what they were
asking and trimmed five percent off their prices. She adds that she's not going to get away with it. David
says so much for the new Pat. Patricia says she'll calm down in a minute, and it's only business - it won't
spoil the visit. David says it already has. Patricia says she'll go to a motel - it's a bit of a squeeze there.
David offers to drive her, but Patricia says she'll get a cab - there's somebody she wants to see.

Patricia's defiant.Get out!Patricia has a warning.Irene's determined!
Later, Patricia arrives at the Fisher house and is let in by Jill. Jill tells her again that she really
appreciates her paying for Robin's treatment. Patricia tells her that, if she'd like to swap favours, she was
wondering how Karen and Wayne put their figures together for the Wilson account. Jill says that company
dealings are confidential - she can't tell her. Wayne comes in and tells Patricia he thought he heard the
voice of a bad loser. He tells Jill he'll handle it, and she leaves the room. Patricia tells Wayne she's got
nothing to say to him. Wayne says that Gordon told him she wanted to call a truce. He asks where the peace
treaty is, and guesses that she tore it up when she found out they won the Wilson account. Patricia tells him
that's the last account they'll win from her. Wayne says, the way he has things set up, he'll know every move
she intends making. Patricia says she bets it isn't his idea - he's just the flunky who does the footwork.
Wayne tells her to get out. Patricia says she's going - who wants to talk to the monkey while the organ
grinder's away? Wayne tells her she'll be finished by the time he's through with her. Patricia leaves.
Later, Patricia knocks on Irene's door at the boarding house. Irene opens the door and asks her what she
wants. Patricia says she's picking up David - they're having dinner. Irene tells her he can't make it. Patricia
asks why not - she's booked the table. Irene tells her David's taking her out for a meal. Patricia says she'll
change the booking and they can all go together. Irene says no - David and her haven't seen each other for
a long time and there's a lot of private things they'd like to catch up on. Patricia tells Irene she knows what
a rough trot she's had lately, and would like to save her any further heartache. She tells Irene she'd hate
her to build up any false hopes about David, as she's seen him go through it all before - falling for a plain
Jane from the suburbs and then getting tired of her. Patricia adds that she might hang on to him for a while,
but sooner or later he'll drift away, and all she's trying to do is save her a lot of pain. Irene says that's bull
- all she's trying to do is clear the decks for herself. She adds that the last person she'd like David to get
mixed up with is someone like her. Patricia tells her she hasn't got much say in the matter. Irene says they'll
see - she can be very persuasive if she has to, and she will be.....

PHILIP QUAST (as Bob Mitchell), PAT McDONALD (Fiona Thompson), BRIAN BLAIN (Gordon Hamilton),
CORNELIA FRANCES (Barbara Hamilton), ALYCE PLATT (Amanda Morrell),
THOMAS RICHARDS (David Palmer), ROWENA WALLACE (Patricia Morrell), IAN RAWLINGS (Wayne Morrell),
JUDY NUNN (Irene Fisher)

Written by JOHN ALSOP
Channel Five broadcast: Saturday 10th May 2003

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