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Welcome to my web site about the superb Australian drama series "Sons and Daughters",
which was originally broadcast from December 1981 to August 1987 on the Seven Network.
This is a mainly pictoral guide, covering what happens to the Morrell family and associated
characters from episodes 285 - 696.

Each episode page contains small screen grabs of the episode. To access 16 more grabs
for each episode, click on the episode number at the top of each page. Extra captures are available for all episodes up to 639. Check the top of the screen or the forums for all updates!

Sons and Daughters has now finished
it's run on Channel Five in the UK, and is a
Grundy Television Production.

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All screen captures and video clips are copyright
of Grundy Television.

Episodes 285-428 ©1983
Episodes 429-583 ©1984
Episodes 585-696 ©1985

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