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Is there an age limit?

We ask that applicants be over 16 years of age for private protection, but there is no maximum age limit to become an Ambassador!

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

To be an Ambassador means that you are living out the message of S&D wherever you are. Ambassadors are people who lead others into spiritual growth through relationships.

What steps do I take to become an Ambassador?

You will complete three steps through the process: an introductory application, a phone call with an S&D Coach, and an onboarding approval. 

Can I visit a group to see how another Ambassador runs their group and get ideas?

Of course! You can reach out to another Ambassador via email to connect.

Do I have to join a group before I can become an Ambassador?

No. Although it is helpful to understand the flow, it is not necessary.

I’ve never led a group before. Will someone train me on how to be a leader?

Yes! If you are feeling lost, we encourage you to reach out to our team directly at→, or jump on our bi-weekly zoom calls and ask questions.


I’m not ready to be an Ambassador yet. How do I join a group?

You can click HERE and find the perfect group for you!

Can I make my S&D group a small group for my church?

Of course! We love to see Ambassadors serving in and leading people to church! You can use the S&D Studies through your church’s small group system, we just ask that you speak to your pastor prior.


I’m a pastor. Can I be an Ambassador, or do I need to speak with someone else about using the courses?

Yes! We would love to have you a part of the team! All of our resources are available on our MessengerX app, so feel free to use them however you feel best.

Where do I need to be in my walk with God to LEAD a group? 

We expect our Ambassadors to be further along in their walk with God so that they understand the foundations for faith. If you are just beginning your walk with God, we encourage you to check out our Foundations course and/or join a group!

Where do I need to be in my walk with God to JOIN a group?

Anywhere! Our hope is for you to find a life-giving group that can encourage and help you along the way while meeting other believers.

Can I have a co-leader? Do they need to be an ambassador too?

Yes to both! We want to make sure that if anyone is leading a group that they have been through the application process and have access to the community of Ambassadors.

Are groups in person or online?

Both! The choice is up to you.

Does being an Ambassador cost money?

Nope, all of our resources are available to you at no cost through the MessengerX app! We want to make sure that all leaders have access to our resources, no matter their location or financial circumstances. All costs for the app are covered through partnership and donations. If you want to learn how you can give, find the “Give” tab on our website.


How often do I need to meet with my group?

We encourage you to meet once a week; however, we know that every group is different, so if you need to meet more or less, please feel free to. Please note that our courses are filmed for 12 lessons in the Spring and Fall semesters, and six in the Summer.

What does meeting together look like?

We encourage our groups to gather around an interest! Whether that’s a hobby, sport, or event, gathering around an interest allows you to come together and connect before you dive into the studies.

How long do group semesters last?

We have three semesters throughout the year: Fall, Summer, and Spring. For our Spring and Fall semesters, the groups will last for 12 weeks if you watch weekly, and our summer semester lasts for six weeks. If you watch lessons twice a week or bi-weekly, this will shorten or lengthen your semester time.

Does my group have to go through the most recent S&D course? Can we go through a different one that suits what we are walking through?

We highlight a new S&D Study each semester and encourage groups to go through that course with us. However, if you have a group that could benefit from a specific topic, you can find a different course under that topic in the MessengerX app.

Can I start a group any time?

Yes! However, if you start midway through a semester, your group will not show up on the map until you register for the next semester.

Do I need to go through any courses before I begin leading?

We recommend that all Ambassadors go through the Under Cover course by John Bevere. We believe that it will help you better understand authority and the position that you are being trusted with!

I’m nervous about the Ambassador interview. What should I know before the call?

Relax! We love our Ambassador interviews because it's a time to connect and hear your heart. Don’t worry about having the perfect answers, we just want to get to know you!

I have an Ambassador related question that’s not on this page. What should I do to get it answered?

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time at









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